Cordless brands (kits) favourites etc? (unbiased, legally non binding banter)

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by AlvyChippy, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Jord86

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    And a 'fit to burst' garage.

    The majority of my working day to day is site work, which although sticking pins in your eyes is preferable, it does provide a decent regular income. Hence why I keep a lot of off the shelf cheaper regular tools (dewalt, bosch), if I was predominantly working in customers houses then I'd invest in higher spec gear (Mafell, Hilti, certain Festool items), but high spec stuff is far too good to take on a busy building site, a waste and increased chance of it getting nicked.
  2. KIAB

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    Made the same mistake!:oops:
  3. AlvyChippy

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    Anybody could point to towards good Festool supplier please?
    I know their cordless range isn't covering all bases, but if they are still made in Germany or at least in Europe, I'll seriously consider just getting for the sake of it....
    Although don't think their gear is really worth that much premium.

    Should mention once again, have been Hilti fanboy, till few weeks ago, nearly bought 22v cordless saw kit for ~£600, but discovered, that gear is made in Ch too... I'd buy it, but for ~£150 and hardly care what label it has, if I'd know it to perform well. As it is made in China.

    Surprised not much cursing towards DeathWalt, as most of the chaps on the site had some sort of death issue and notorious warranties issues...
  4. Jord86

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    I've only got good things to say about Dewalt, never had any issues (touch wood.) After purchasing the one festool item I own, I can't say I'd rush out and buy another, rather underwhelmed with the quality especially with the premium price tag, was most unimpressed when it went in for repair after using it less than two dozen times.

    I bought my Festool from Axminster tools, in fairness they were excellent with sorting out the repairs and hassle associated with.
  5. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    Been browsing through their range and... I'd spend double or triple for the full cordless kit for some site work....
    Slapped myself ;)

    Back to the drawing board
    between 7-9 item toolkits from Milwaukee and DeathWalt then...
  6. AlvyChippy

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    And Festool don't do 110v chargers or radios...
  7. KIAB

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  8. AlvyChippy

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    only radio, UK stock only 240, would have to source them adaptors from US etc...
    and price for a site-work tool... not sure

    Although, talking and thinking etc (AEG, Milwaukee, Ridgit)
    begun process of bundling kit of Ridgit (nr 1 in US) , pay import... the usual and have something, that would be lees theft prone, but decent value for money too...
  9. KIAB

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    Totall crazy price!

    It isn't design for rough & tumble life.
  10. AlvyChippy

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    I'd like to disagree!
    my current (laugh of kids on site) AEG blue drill with old style Ni-Cd batteries works faultless! big, heavy, but works... although I miss little bit my one Hitachi, that broke, other one, that's been stolen.

    ANW Ridgit is tradesman tool nr1 in US for value for money and rigidity ;)

    Honestly, they all are made in Ch anyway, so if to risk it, why not less "branded"?

    thinking of brands bashing, I had my first skillsaw made by Porter and Cable imported, heavy as hell, remember everyone laughing at it, but come to serious ripping queuing behind to use it, as it had guts like none other.
    Based on good memories bought 2'nd fix pinner, but it turned out to be made in Ch... final price was ~£325, so not a bargain and once read up on it, everyone said it's trademark gone down the hill... shame, but which didn't?
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  11. Jord86

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    My AEG blue impact driver is also the butt of a joke here and there, until I point out it cost me £120 with two 3ah's charger and case ten years ago, has never been repaired, and is still faultless at driving screws to this day. I then ask them how much their dewalt/bosch/makita etc cost them and mention I could get three of mine for one of theirs. Their faces are always a picture.
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  12. Joe95

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    I don't do any site work, I'm mainly domestic and small commercial. I've not got to worry about other trades breaking things!

    Festool is certainly not a run of the mill brand, and I haven't brought into the cordless line because of this. I've brought the tools that stand out in their categories, rather than completely converting.

    Most of my Festool stuff says made in Germany, and some from other places in Europe.

    Alvy, I've used several suppliers for Festool gear, mainly whoever has the best price at the time!

    My only gripe with Dewalt is the play in the batteries. They don't sit tight like the Makita's do, and the charger feels about as cheap as it could get! That said, the tools themselves have never let me down and really do perform.

    Radio's. I've got the Makita. It's way to boomy for inside work, but it can take a beating. Mines taken many tumbles, got covered in plaster and screed, but it just keeps going. That being said, I was on a job with a sparky a few weeks back, he had the big Dewalt radio. Mutts nuts that is! Sounds really good and charges the batteries.
    I used to take a JVC ghetto blaster with me to bigger jobs years back, but the convenience of using tool batteries won me over.
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  13. rogerk101

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    I'm struggling to understand the criticisms here about products being made in China. Almost everything is made in China these days, so get used to it.

    The fact that something is made in China doesn't say a thing about its quality. In fact it says a lot about the business decisions of the manufacturers, who need to keep their prices low enough to be competitive but they also need to keep their costs down in order to maintain the margins that their shareholders expect from them.

    People complain about Festool being expensive, without being that much better than their competitors, but guess why they're expensive ... because they don't assemble them in China!
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  14. AlvyChippy

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    Just saying, if it's made in Ch, I have no problem buying and using it, if it is any good, JUST- I pay Chinese price, regardless of label ;)

    as it comes to Festool, yes, nearly gone right about the things to get it, but consumerism and greed, also, knowing nature of subbies tools on site- too good and not complete enough package, so I'll pass this time round

    Waiting on further report from @WillyEckerslike but to be honest now it's a toss between Ridgid/Milwaukee/Porter-Cable/Hitachi
  15. WillyEckerslike

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    Sorry, forgot to look today.

    I was using my Milwaukee T-Tec at home over the weekend but it's that old and bashed/scuffed that I couldn't read where it was made. Fairly certain it wasn't China though.
  16. Sparkielev

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    Used to have hilti then went over to Milwaukee can't fault it for the price, had a hilti rep come and see me other day said they are doing deals on combination sets they must be feeling the pinch because the reason why I stopped using them was because of price and hardly ever had deals on
  17. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    old... the keyword!
    more interested in newer, builds, thanks!
    I'll hang about for your findings m8 ;)
  18. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    fair enough buddy, I was Hilti fan... nearly bought £600 Chinese saw... they can work as hard as they like in marketing, but price need to reflect WHERE it's made ;)
  19. Sparkielev

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    Got a hilti to circular saw it been class and a 22v combi which is on its last legs both been good servants
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  20. sospan

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    I buy most of my Festool from N&B ( They also do Makita and now DeWalt
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