Cordless brands (kits) favourites etc? (unbiased, legally non binding banter)

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by AlvyChippy, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. sospan

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    Chinese tools ? How about South Korea. I have been using quite a few Hyundai tools for a while. The Chainsaw for example came with a spare chain, bar sleeve, carrying bag, a full toolkit, mixing bottles etc. and a 3 year warranty and for the price they are really good quality
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  2. AlvyChippy

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    Will have to see, what's available (to make full cordless set), very decent suggestion ! ;)
  3. sospan

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    North Korea, probably have some as well but delivery is a bit of a problem.

    Seriously, though I use DeWalt kit when I am working outside and a combination of Festool and Bosch inside.

    If you ignore the cheaper end of the DeWalt range, it pretty good value and the new stuff I have used in some pretty atrocious wet and freezing weather. The 205nm impact screws drivers can put in some substantial screws and coach bolts with amazing ease
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  4. AlvyChippy

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    Seems to tick all the boxes, but 230v and range is nowhere near, what's needed ATM

    Deathwalt, nah! I'll pass, as paying for a label alone dont justify that sort off premium :oops:

    Still swaying between Milwaukee/ Ridgid/ Porter-Cable/ Hitachi

    Thanks for the advice and opinions everyone,

    Tomorrow, I will make decision (promise, sort off) :D
  5. sospan

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    In the US mags, I read Porter Cable seems to have dropped out of favour. Lots of people using Ridgid and the celebs (Norm Abraham, Tom Silva etc.) using Festool and some incredibly fancy tools
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  6. WillyEckerslike

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    Had a look at my kit today. The modern 18v stuff is clearly made in China, the older Ni-Cad kit might have been made in Germany (as it doesn't say Made in PRC) and the Sawzall is made in the USA. All of my 12v gear says Made in PRC except for the compact SDS - doesn't mean it wasn't though.

    I'm inclined to agree with the earlier comment about stuff from China not all being bad though and I wouldn't necessarily discount it for those reasons alone. Volvo cars for instance are Chinese owned and they're getting all sorts of awards at the moment. Just saying.....
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    sounds as thanks to overall vote- RIDGID is the dog!
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  8. sospan

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    Interesting, people being picky about where our tools are made but more than happy for our takeaways to be made by an even wider range of nationalities :)
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  9. AlvyChippy

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    Bit of a digg?
    Ah well, I see it from perspective of value for money and made decision based on my consumerism-1; fairer price for fair tool-2; paid customs, BUT most importantly didn't fall for the expired label game...

    and yes! if I eat Chinese or Italian food, that's been made in Britain, I don't mind paying British price... ;)
  10. sospan

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    No not having a dig at you, just an observation on British life and our tendency to have fixed views on things - people may moan that their "German" tumble drier is made in Turkey but quite happy to eat a kebab from a takeaway - even though both could kill you through lack of skills
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  11. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    been forced to work today (slavery!!!!!), remembered- checked - made in Germany...

    ordered big kit from Ridgid, AEG, will post findings once here ;)
  12. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestions/ intended help gents!

    Most of my gear Ridgid /AEG here, have worked with- "tested"...

    1 Ridgid branded products ARE NOT "Life Time Support Warranted" as they should be purchased in US, Canada, Mexico from authorised dealers (they DO NOT ship to Europe), hence anything would happen, I'd need to ship them back at my expense and not sure if that would be covered by warranty anyway. AEG branded products - almost the same- have to be purchased from official dealers, for cordless, have not seen a single one newly made in UK Site approved corded voltage of 110...
    If fancy brand change go for AEG ;)

    2 120V (110V) charger- "gooden'!" charges Li-ion, Ni-Cad batteries, ALL batteries of AEG/Ridgid fitment once charged work on all tools, but performance is notable, not just in AH (longevity), but on higher power demanding tools too (Tiger-Sabre- Reciprocating , Skill, Chop saws)

    3 Overall quality seem to be decent, every single tool performs well, noting to be exited or disappointed over, comparing with the rest of main brands labelled tools (all are made in PRC anw), except for a portable Mitre (chop) -saw, that, I now like alot, except certain heavy applications as bigger cuts or trenching, when I'll have to get my big corded Hitachi C8FC out. Awesome accuracy, light weight, lighting, really narrow blade and to my surprise produced decent quality cuts (refitting some bodgers buggered) oak hand rails ; will cut-trench 4x2" at 45* and 6x2" at 90*. Lights on every tool (Gen5X) are simply better than any other labelled tools (except planer- has no light)

    Ridgid JobMax / AEG Omni Pro REAL "Multitool" attachments surprised me- perform great so far. Buzz-saw (Multi(tool)-Cutter) attachment especially for NON StarLock toll-less blade change, produced really decent cut in softwoods, however to trim green oak, when it needed slower but more powerful cut it failed, had to get my corded Bosch to not to be burning blades, still way better performing tool than my old corded Makhyta.

    Cordless planer... fairly unique design, only 1.6mm cut very similar performance to Makita, Hitachi, DeWalt, Milwaukee labelled cordless planers, country mile ahead of my old Bosch cordless planer, still, nowhere near performance of proper corded version. + issue of cordless tools not designed for use with auto-take off vaccums, "there are NONE realistic cordless ones" anyway.

    Big question, would I have chosen particular tools for a upgrade knowing them first hand? probably TBH, as final price (shipment, import duties) is only a tad cheaper than IE Black&Decker (DeWalt) branded stuff, performs better in some areas, worse in other (IE cordless skill saw has equal performance for cuts and guts of an old 20V model, but Flex-Wolt range saw with aluminium base (fits on their rail)- simply outperformed Ridgid/AEG.

    Bottom line- if subbying cordless are OK, for other proper carpentry tasks back to corded kit.

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