Cordless power tools - advice please

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Karlinamillion, Apr 23, 2005.

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    I was going to buy some cordless tools for keen DIY use. The Ryobi take 5 18v looks good, but not much change from £400 (on a bit of a budget here) They also do a 14.4v version for about £250 (big saving), with a mains instead of battery mitre saw. So, whats your thoughts on Ryobi stuff (Sorry, don't have De Walt deep pockets) and is the price preminum worth it for the 18v kit? Thanks
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    Before buying any tools check the warranty that comes with them as all tools will pack up at some point.If money is a bit of a problem ryobi isn't a bad make and are quite sturdy but wont last as long as dewalt or as powerful. As for 14.4v or 18v the 18v is obviously more powerful but usely heavier and not always a good job when using drill/screwdriver above your head or in a confined space. Personally i believe that if you don't need all the tools in the 5 pack right now you should splash out on the tools you will use a lot like a cordless dewalt drill and get the rest of the tools at a later date or get cheap ones with 3 a year warranty. B&Q's own range are generaly cheap and have 3 year warrantys and arent that bad for light diy use. If you do a search on the web for dewalt tool sales you will find plenty of sites that are cheaper than this one.
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    All manufacturers sometimes produce a real beauty of a tool. They are just great and go the distance etc. Ryobi can do this quite often in many ways. Its down to value for money.

    If you go to a proper supplier they will provide you with the latest tools from the manufacturers. This is important because rechargeable batteries have a limited life.

    Don't get involved with replacement/spare parts unless its within the warranty period. Don't pay for extra insurance.

    Buy the best for what you need. If you DIY on a bank holiday, but it from Woolworths. If you work in the trade get the Panasonic.

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