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Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by ukjon10, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. ukjon10

    ukjon10 New Member

    Im looking for your opinion on what make of cordless tools to purchase.
    I currently use 18v makita li-ion cordless tools. Unfortunaly I have found the batteries wont take a charge after a year or so.
    Can anyone recommend a reliable brand of cordless tools, which are tough and will last, especially the batteries.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    I've been realy impressed with the power of my 18V Makita li-ion tools and the abuse they take. Buy new batteries, they are tax deductible!
  3. kitchenfitterleeds

    kitchenfitterleeds New Member

    we use dewalt kit apart from 110v thats all makita but our dewalt 18v cordless combi drill, normal drill, sds drill
    ,rip saw , recip saw, vac, 2 impact drivers, radio, angle drill, angle driver   and jig saw are all 5 years old used every day just this year out of 7 batterys we have replaced 2 so i would recomend dewalt
  4. VCG Construction

    VCG Construction New Member

    We use a combination of "Full Size" & "Sub Compact" cordless tools from Milwaukee. We started out with a compact 18volt drill & Impact driver kit, we liked it so much we replaced all of our other cordless tools over time. One of the best parts of using the 12volt drill & drivers is that you are forced to lay the tool on it's side when placing it down, eliminating the possibility of it falling over and nicking any materials you may be working on!
  5. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    i measured all my dewalt batteries 2 as old as 96 still holding around half charge  here is a list a-g are 2ah nicads 123 are nmh
    A   1ah 96 ***   looks like the abreviation for japan is in the word scensor
    B 0.9ah 96 ***
    C  2ah 06 ***
    D1.5ah 04 mex
    E 1.6ah 05 ***
    F 1.8ah 04 mex
    G   2ah 06 ***

    these 3 are 2.6ah nmh

    1 2 ah 2007
    2 2.6ah 12
    3 2.4 ah 12

    number 2 battery is the only replacement to replace a failed 2.6 nicad

    now the actual ouputs are an assumption  i assumed the newer battery was giving out 2.6 ah
    used it to run the "D" light till flat  took 78 mins so called that 2.6ah so every 3mins run = 0.01 ah  so 30 mins =1ah

    now i doubt battery c and g are actually still giving out 2ah/full power but who knows
    all batteries in this experiment where charged and discharged individually in the lamp within a few hours so self discharge that happens quicker on old batteries wont be factored in

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