Corner joints in solid oak worktops

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by diymostthings, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. diymostthings

    diymostthings Well-Known Member

    I've practised mitreing some corners with some scrap chipboard laminate worktop with my (cheap) jig and router. Even though I say so myself it worked out pretty well!

    Next job is on the real thing - solid oak worktop!  Are the techniques radically different? Any wrinkles I ought to know?

    Many thanks for any advice.

  2. joat43

    joat43 New Member

    depends mostly in the edge of the worktop.........If it is a square edge you could  just cut, then router it straight along, and butt joint the pieces with biscuits and bolts.........and then router an edge profile on afterwards if required........
    If the wood already has some sort of profile its all about making the two pieces mate two giant pandas..!

    Of could always do a 45 deg mitre all the way through........discuss!
  3. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    you will need to do around 7 passes as the depth is half the shank per pass 44divided by 6 =7
    you can reduce this iff you have a jigsaw that wont wander and cut within 5mm off the cut line then you can do it in 2 passes
  4. jeznotts

    jeznotts Member

    way to go! when they work ou they look fab, i have always cut mine by hand, very stressfull! but what ever you do  DON'T try and do a massive internal mitre, re joat`;) but you have gone with the jig, so good man/woman!!
  5. diymostthings

    diymostthings Well-Known Member

    thanks for that Joat44 - yes they will probably be square edged so that seems to make it more straightforward. I'm happy routing the underneath for the "pull-up" bolts (incidentally I see there is a type of bolt now which is screwed up vertically from underneath- much easier!). I've not done biscuit joins before though so will "youTube" this and come back here if I have any questions

    Thanks again

  6. diymostthings

    diymostthings Well-Known Member

    OK big all - No I can't trust myself with a jigsaw - havn't got a nice one anyway. It is reciprocating but I can't do a dead straight cut for mating purposes, hence the template and router. Thank you for the formula for number of passes needed - very useful.

  7. diymostthings

    diymostthings Well-Known Member

    Thanks jezznot. Yes I will heed the advice - steady does it. I'll take a few Valliums before I start!


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