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  1. Jrterror0

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    Long story short...I need to reduce piping from a speedfit 28mm elbow to 22mm piping. Is this the correct product. I can't find any illustrations of this product in situ or explanation of it intended use.
    I assume that the male end slides into the twisting section of the elbow and a 22mm pipe slots into the other end of the coupler.
    I assume this is the correct product for reducing pipe sizes. I can't see anything else

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  2. Heat

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    Yes, that is correct fitting.
    Male end just pushes into your 28mm elbow, no support insert.
    Obviously use pipe inserts on pipes if they are plastic pipes.
  3. Jrterror0

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    Thanks Heat.
    Where does an inexperienced person such as myself find out the correct installation uses of the Speedfit products? Their own site is poor at giving this information.
    Thanks again
  4. Jrterror0

    Jrterror0 New Member

    Sorry, just to this product is ok to go into a Speedfit 28mm elbow?
  5. Heat

    Heat Screwfix Select

    Yes, any similar reducer fitting of another brand would also do.

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