Cost of a mason mitre joint

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Severntrent, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Severntrent

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    I need 2 workstops mated together with a mason mitre joint (or a 45degree mitre joint as I have enough length of worktop if required). What would be a fair price for this bit of work. I am keeping an eye out for kitchen fitters vans working locally so I can call in and ask them to do the job as and when they can fit it in with their current job. I've looked at doing it myself but the cost of hiring router/jig/router bit etc. is prohibitive for one joint.
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    Where are you.
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    I live and work in the Midlands. If i was to come out specifically to do a joint it would be £125. It might sound a lot but i might have an hour each way to a customer plus time doing the joint. Effectively half a days work.
    I will add that i have done "Can you just do me a corner joint" 100's of times over the years. It has never ended up being "just a corner joint". Nearly always "can you cut the sink and hob out while your here" The answer now is "of course i can, that's another £50".
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    I'm in Nottingham and as I said I would hope to get a fitter who was working locally so there would be little travelling time to cater for. Its defo just one joint and i've already done my sink with a jigsaw, even got the bolts that clamp the pieces together, no glue though. As its only a utility room and its square edged (slightly rounded) I suppose could just accept a butt joint and live with the slight groove

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