cost of installing a chimney liner?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by twice_knightly, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Hi, my corgi registered gas fitter has just informed me that I need my chimney lined as their is a problem between the ground floor and the 1st (failed the smoke bomb test miserably!)

    He's quoted £325 to install the liner which call me tight seems a lot of money? Companies on t'internet will sell you the liner for around £16 per metre, but I'm guessing you need 'other bits' as well?

    With not knowing anything about chimney lining, could somebody please tell me whats involved in doing this job and if £325 is a reasonable price for it?

    Many thanks
  2. thats a good price...

    say 8m of liner at £16 per meter = £128.

    terminal & clamping plate, cement, and an adaptor/sealing plate for base.

    The next issue is access to the chimney pot in a safe manor... have you tried taking a 8m snake onto a roof!

    It also usually takes 2 people to get it down the chimney...
    one to push it down, & twist around the corners, and another to pull the string from the base, and probably get covered in soot too!
  3. The scaffolding would be about £700 !

    This is another example of a customer who just does not want to understand what is involved in doing some jobs.

    Perhaps this customer should DIY it ?
  4. Why do you say "I just don't want to understand what's involved" when my original post asked could somebody please tell me what's involved?

    I admit I'm ignorant with my knowledge on this subject but am interested in finding out more about it, without questioning my gas fitter and him thinking I'm implying he's ripping me off!

    £700 for scaffolding? This guy is using a ladder and a funny sort of homemade wooden box that's triangular (I guess it fits over the roof!) - Thanks for your reply and explaining to me the other parts involved which I was unaware of, sounds like a messy job best left to the professional.
  5. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    Sorry twice k..... you have had a bit of a bashing here because of this, but the price you have been quoted is a very good one. If you were to be charged 10 times that it would still be worth it for you and your families health.
  6. Jamie G

    Jamie G Member

    It depends on how many metres of liner need installed. I needed to do exactly the same thing to one of my chimneys. I had various people quote to do the work and I think the cheapest was about £80/m length. As I needed 10m it was working out to be extremely costly.

    I ended up taking advice for a chimney liner company and installed it all myself. It was a major nightmare, but I got there in the end, and it has not been a problem since. All in I think the materials were about £250.

    I would say for that price to just let the pro's do it, save you a lot of hassle.
  7. doitall

    doitall New Member

    twice knightly.

    I think you had better find out pretty quick whats involved before the man starts.

    Under HSE guidelines doing this job off a ladder is a big no, no. As Tony has said either a scaffolding or tower will be required with a firm safe working platform around the chimney.

    More importantly you are employing this guy to do a job if/when things go wrong you are responsible for his safety, you must check with your insurance Company for Public Liability and where you stand in the event of a claim.

    Between £600 and £1000. would be the average cost depending on access to the stack.

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