could a solenoid pump help the initial pull through of a HP sensor tap on LP system ?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Stephanie Rose, May 14, 2018.

  1. Stephanie Rose

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    I have I am supposing (no info on) a HP sensor basin tap & a 1.5Bar pump, the hot tap pressure in the tap is so low it won't initiate the pump, has anyone tried putting a 12v solenoid pump on the HW under the basin to see if this helps ?
  2. What is a solenoid pump? (I will do a Google, but I always thought of solenoids as being electromagnetic pulling thingies).

    Anyhoo, you are hoping that this wee pump will get the party started and the large pump will then take over? Pumping through the wee pump?

    It might work. In theory it will. But it's crazy, man. Er, woman.
  3. Ah! They are these wee diaphragm pumps like you get in fish tanks?! They 'pulse' (using the solenoid) and this pushes and pulls a wee diaphragm. Which in turn sends out a weewee-sized trickle of water.

    I can't see how you'd get this to work on your current system. I mean, what will turn it on and off - it doesn't have a flow switch? And when the beeg pump then turns on, it'll likely shred the diaphragm and pass it out your tap spout.

    Unless I'm missing something, I'm (a) impressed by your 'out-of-the-box thinking and (b) think you're crazy.

    Solution - either a +ve head pump with an infinitesimally low trigger flow point or a -ve head pump. Only one makes sense.

    Did I mention I think you're crazy? But cool.
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    Never done such craziness....try it lol

    A neg pump will do it
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    Hmmm good points, the tap sensor could be the switch, they put solenoids in car engines & ive seen them with 1/2” thread in & out, I’ll have a rethink, ye I’m a bit crazy but so was Thomas Edison lol & this is a petty challenge in comparison. I’ve boringly put a non-concussive tap on for now as got other work to get on with. A neg pump is a future possibility if that’ll work all round.
    Thank for for you answers.
  6. I presume the 'solenoid' in a car engine is an electromagnetic valve and not actually a 'pump'?

    In which case, how will this help the pump's flow? With your idea, you either need to fit a further sensor-operated pump in series with the existing one - in which case it'll be blasted through by the big pump when it fires up - or else you fit a solenoid valve across the existing pump - in whcih case it'll serve no purpose.

    Promise you'll keep us posted as you carry out this challenge :)

    You clearly understand a fair bit about this stuff, so presumably simply replacing the existing pump with a -ve head one would be a piece of cake? As well as the solution?

    Sell your old pump, presumably in full working order.

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