Covering pebble dashing

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Tinderstick, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. dj.

    dj. New Member

    how could i blame pva when i don't use it in rendering you daft dik muncher, read my previous properly.
    and yes i have known of it fail, there is a chap on diynot that had problems with render falling off and it was down to the fact that he had put pva on that wall, as previously said pva "comes back" when wet so ut is useless in an outside application of this type jeeeez you pikeys never cease to amaze me.
  2. chappers

    chappers Member

    some people amaze me PVA is not suitable for external use, do you think that manufacturers put this on the packaging just to p**s people off, they put it on because it doesn't work under certain external conditions, if it was ok they would be saying yes just use PVA for anything you like, because its now a wonder cure for cancer, AIDS and anything else you care to mention.
    Why don't you listen to some one who knows, if the wall is grit dashed there isn't any need to put any thing on anyway just render over it.
    perhaps a couple of coats of PVA on your brains might be the answer.
    If in doubt always follow the manufacturers instructions, funnily enough they're the people who know best.
  3. Uni bond, probably the most popular brand of pva and I believe a subsiduary company of the multi national Bostik clearly state here that PVA IS FOR INTERNAL APPLICATIONS ONLY Now of course this company with a multi billion turnover could be wrong and our resident know all Yorkshireboy be correct yet again, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary yet again.
  4. paulo333

    paulo333 Member

    Please! Get a life (all of you!). This one is too short for this ****.
  5. paulo333

    paulo333 Member

    Apologies...I was really referring to the nonsense at the beginning of this thread, not the later parts.
  6. dougalhouse

    dougalhouse Member

    My experience of using PVA on an external wall prior to rendering was distastrous. I did some rendering for a mate last year having had a little experience as a labourer a few years back. (I usually only do small inside jobs but am getting more and more outside work now - too much in fact!!).

    I remembered from my experience that rendering old walls is not as easy as just chucking the muck on the walls. As a labourer I spent longer prepping old walls than the spreads did plastering it. Prepping meant anything from scabbeling the walls to fixing different types of stainless mesh to painting it with what I thought was PVA. (It was actually an SBR type of sealer but I didn't pay that much attention)

    So I treated my mates wall (which incidently was virgin md concrete block) to 2 coats of good old PVA.

    Within 2 weeks the render had blown so I hacked it off wire brushed the wall and redid it. Alas it blew again, due I believe to there being some residue of the PVA left on the wall.

    So to anyone reading this; my advice is don't use PVA externally.
  7. dougalhouse

    dougalhouse Member

    I was that dypeshite, but now I'm better!!

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