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  1. mark atkin

    mark atkin New Member

    anyone know how to permantely resolve it only from halfway to soffit.

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  2. Joe the Plumber

    Joe the Plumber Screwfix Select

    If you were a 1970s Spanish property developer, you'd just say: "Eees, how you say - 'expansion joint', yes please".

    Joke out of the way, is it just the render that's cracked, or does it go into the wall below it too? From your photo, it looks like it's the wall that's cracked, but it's difficult to see.

    Has it just appeared, or has it been there a while?

    And is there any sign of it inside the house?
  3. mark atkin

    mark atkin New Member

    It goes through the wall seems the concrete blocks have split in half from bottom of render to top. No cracks inside house or bottom of brick work. Its been there a while as someone tried to cover it up with sealant.
  4. Abrickie

    Abrickie Super Member

    Before you fix it, you need to establish the cause ;)
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  5. Frutbunn

    Frutbunn Member

    This is quite typical of an expansion crack, how long is this elevation?
  6. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    I agree with Abrickie: this is a strange one and needs the cause rectified ahead of remedials. Suggest you get an experienced SE to look at this
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  7. David Hatim

    David Hatim Active Member

    Sorry, came to the wrong page, looked at the title and thought you were selling

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