Cracked Cistern Repair

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by wwwdot, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. wwwdot

    wwwdot New Member

    I need to do a tempory repair on a cracked toilet cistern. The crack runs from one of the fixing holes down below the water line. Will be replacing the whole suite and re-tiling, but can't fit it in for about 6 weeks.

    Thought of using epoxy resin over the top but not sure whether or not it will peel under the water. Anyone else got any idea's?
  2. Dry it thoroughly, and run some clear silicon along it, either side if possible.
  3. towser

    towser New Member

    I've used "sticks like ****" in the past and it does a pretty good job.
  4. tightenit

    tightenit New Member

    You can't repair a cracked cistern with any degree of onfidence. The handle movement constantly puts stress on the porcelain, meaning it could go in 6 hours,weeks or months. By all means repair it, but do get a disclaimer from the customer in case it splits.That way you're a hero if it lasts and not a cowboy if it splits. You're the pro - my advice would either be to disconnect it or find a cheap replacement soon. Good luck.
  5. von trappe

    von trappe New Member

    Hence why I keep a toilet of each type for emrgency till new one arrives.
  6. bathroom boy

    bathroom boy New Member

    Been there done that,bin it, total waste of time.
  7. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    Remove Cistern entirely and chuck it.

    Extend existing cold feed to WC and install a lever arm valve, then bend a piece of copper round to finish a few inches above bucket height.

    leave the customer with a bucket until a new WC Suite is fitted.
  8. debit cruncher

    debit cruncher New Member

    Quickest way out would be to adjust the water level that the cistern holds, to below the crack. Dry off around the crack and either "sticks like 5hite" (my preference) or silicone over the crack (for strengthening purposes for cistern).
  9. Brid

    Brid New Member

    I agree with Tightenit. If it is a low level cistern you can pick up a plastic one trade from Plumb Centre for around £23. Use it and chuck it. Even if you have to pay £30 for it, it would be cheaper than the customer requiring a new kitchen ceiling etc. Consider it an insurance policy for the customer and a bit of extra labour charge for yourself
  10. billybongos

    billybongos New Member

    An important hypothetical question.

    Say you got the customer to sign a document saying "I, the customer, was advised to change the cistern, but I chose to only have mastic/ a temporary repair.... signed.... Mr Bogs". Then, after the temporary repair - the cistern failed, and flooded the house. the customer, who is now upset, then tries to sue the plumber!

    So, who would win, - the plumber or the customer, in this instance?

    Thanks gents
  11. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    The Customer would win

    The Plumber should be professional enough to not do work that he knows is a lash up
  12. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    How can the customer win if a disclaimer is wrote and signed explaining what can happen????

    That is what a disclaimer is for .
  13. billybongos

    billybongos New Member

    Ooops! = looks like i've started one of my famous debates!
  14. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    I have it on good authority that the disclaimer is worthless in a Court of Law.

    If the installation goes against good practise, the installer knows it's wrong so he gets the customer to sign a disclaimer, that just prooves he is prepared to do a bodge up.
  15. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    Only a cowboy would attempt to repair a cracked cistern.
  16. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    I know what your saying mate.

    It's hardly good practice to silicone a system.

    However if a customer signs to accept responsibility the i cant see how it would stand up.

    Disclaimers are still used, why are people bothering if there not worth the paper they are wrote on.

    If the customer said either silicone it or go and don't do anything. I am sure most would want their 1hrs labour rather than nowt.

    As long as the customer signs and accepts..

    How do you no it doesnt stand up???
  17. Bonedry

    Bonedry New Member

    I have to agree with Bathstyle. Any disclaimer will not stand up and neither will your insurance should anything go wrong.
    Ask yourself is a 30 quid cistern too much hastle, and would you be happy with a bodge(Even if it is a temp one!)
  18. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    Let's just say that I onced siliconed a Cistern, I was very young and stupid and it ended up costing me £1m :(
  19. billybongos

    billybongos New Member

    Going against good practice?

    So why is BG going around the South East, doing quotes for boiler installations, and then getting customers to sign a disclaimer re:TRV's...

    Would BG then leave themselves open to litigation, as their going against best practice?
  20. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    I understand that a disclaimer can work but in this case and many others I don't believe they are worth the paper they are written on

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