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    G'day all,
    A query for someone with more knowledge than me... ? yep that's about everyone in this case.
    Scaffolding is up to renew the roof so taking the opportunity to inspect other things.

    The lintel above one of the upper floor windowes is looking less than great but I don't know how bad really. I suspect it could do with replacing.
    The images attached should go some way in showing the problem.
    Wooden windows were replaced with uPVC around 8 years ago and from what I read that may have contributed to the problem.
    In a heavy storm we had water penetrate the inner walls either side of the window. Cavity insulation fitted by prev owner helped the water across but the lack of weep holes in the cavity tray didn't make things any better.
    House is 1944-ish btw and is located close to the south coast and SW facing
    I removed the pvc trim from around the window internally with the aim of improving the sealing around the window. The windows are fitted in line with the cavity and were fitted by the 'z' team, hence them being more drafty than any wooden windows ever were. Good windows just badly fitted.
    Anyway I could see up to the lead cavity tray and bend it down only to be showered with bits of mortar, messy but at least I could clean it out and I have made some weep holes so hopefully that will prevent water running off the ends of it into the cavity (which is what I could see when the rain was coming in!)
    What more can I say? I'd appreciate any advice on the state of the lintel. I can see inside the right end and see it's cracked on the end, that doesn't show too well in the image but the other two are self explanatory I think.
    Thanks for any help.

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    To me that looks quite serious.
    I would suggest you contact your house insurance Co.
    That looks like its going to be expensive.

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