Cracking tiles on hearth

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by busy builder, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. busy builder

    busy builder New Member

    I laid some hearth tiles last week on a concrete hearth. They needed soaking prior to laying on heat resistant adhesive.
    Today I went back to grout the tiles, and as I applied the grout the tiles started to crack, or, more to the point, the glaze was cracking as I worked my way across !!

    Anyway when I cleaned them up the cracks in the glaze wasn't so apparent being only hairline.

    Any ideas why this would happen ? I've laid acres of tiles in my 40 odd years but never had this happen before.
  2. tic tic

    tic tic New Member

    just might have been the glaze wasnt thick enough sometimes they say their double fired an their not.
    when soaking them did u add a little bleach to the water this helps to stop any dirt gettin into them, looks like the grout has penatrated the glaze causing the cracks.

    cant think of anything else mate :):)
  3. busy builder

    busy builder New Member

    Thanks Tic Tic

    I didn't add any bleach, the tiles are whits (clay) with a deep brown glaze. Marked for fire hearths so I expected them to be quite hard wearing.

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