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    Hello All
    My electric kettle has been plugged into the socket permanently for the past 4 years. Yesterday i heard a crackling noise and thought i would investigate . When i unplugged the kettle i found that the bottom right pin (highlighted) was hotter than the other pins and also more rougher.
    In addition there is a brown mark around the bottom right hole in the socket on the wall.

    Whats going on ?
    Is it still safe to use the kettle ?
    Is it stills safe to use this wall socket with the brown mark?

    Its a nice kettle otherwise but im happy to replace it to avoid fire damage or electric shock


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  2. FlyByNight

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    No it is not safe - there has been arcing.

    If you are competent, change the plug for a new one. Then plug it in to another socket - do NOT use that one for anything or the same will happen. Then, get the socket replaced - an electrician could do it in 15 minutes plus test time.
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    The socket and the plug need changing, (urgently)
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    :( just to be clear i need to replace the socket on the wall and the kettle plug . I was thinking of putting in one of those sockets that has usb charging and wifi extension somewhere so i guess this will be a good opportunity but i dont have a spare socket or plug to replace these things with . Dunno what i will do about boiling water now
  5. If you cannot be bothered going to a diy shop today, take a plug off something else, put it on the kettle making sure it has a 13 amp fuse and use a different socket.
    Get the faulty socket changed as soon as possible.
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