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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by ruth, Jul 13, 2018.

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    Hi there , looking for advice this is part of a crack that runs along outside window after i noticed paint peeling off ..there are some cracks on the wall on both sides that meet the corners of the window. Do i need to contact insurance company or just get a good builder to come and advise. Do you think the whole lintel will need repaired? thanks very much.

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    Could you post a wider photograph to show it all, please?

    Lintels very rarely fail, so I guess the chances are it's general settlement or movement over a long while which will tend to show itself around a lintel. The first crack will likely have been there for ages, but hidden by numerous coats of paint. Possibly it's been made worse over winters as water seeps in and then expands when frozen.

    I'd suggest getting a locally-recommended builder in to comment, and if it's any more serious than a simple mortar or resin fill, you can then consider contacting your insurance company. Good chance a simple repair won't be worth an insurance job, but you won't know until you have someone look at it.

    If you are not happy with the first builder - if they don't fill you with confidence - then get another and compare their comments. If these two say completely different things, then get a third :)
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    Thank you Allsorts, I posted up a bigger picture but its was too big a file so i cut it down to post. Thank you for the advice the crack runs right along and there are cracks horizontal from that onto the wall...
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    Looks like you'll need to reduce the picture size to fit on here. Try a google for reducing photograph file sizes.

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