Cracks in plaster-tape or no tape

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  1. u0362565

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    Hi all,

    Some tutorials suggest to cover cracks with tape first before using a joint compound on top as opposed to going straight in with a flexible filler. Is one method always better or does it depend on the size of crack? Any difference for plaster vs plasterboard wall?

    Thanks for the advice
  2. Hans_25

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    If you're going to put tape on something before using filler, that something needs to be slightly deeper than the finished surface.

    My advice, without seeing it, would be to rake out the crack a bit, then use a good flexible filler.
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  3. Wayners

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    Do boards move when pushed?it will always crack again. If solid wall rake out crack. Fill. Tape. Paper is better but shows so I use extra thin mesh. I cut ok down middle so narrower sometimes. Also use filler that will stick like Toupret
  4. u0362565

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    Yeah good point about the depth, I hadn't even thought about the fact the tape would sit proud and then you can't sand tape down.. so you have to sand back at first below the surface. Tape sounds like more room to go wrong if you ask me & actually why is it better.

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