Crown Pavillion gazebo dismantle and rebuild

Discussion in 'Job Talk' started by Mikecox, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Mikecox

    Mikecox New Member

    Hi all
    I have bought a Crown Pacillion Tudor gazebo second hand - just wondering if anyone has experience dismantling these and rebuilding?
    I’ll try to add some photos but as I’ve bought it on eBay I haven’t been able to visit and take any photos from inside. If not here’s the link -

    It would need transporting from one side of london to the other - please contact me if interested.

  2. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    If interested in what exactly ?
  3. metrokitchens

    metrokitchens Well-Known Member

  4. Mikecox

    Mikecox New Member

    There was a lack of clarity. I was contemplating dismantling it myself and looking for advice and also posting elsewhere for any interested tradesman in a job.
  5. Pollowick

    Pollowick Well-Known Member

    Those cedar shingles will be a real pain to remove, each one is likely to have two ring shanked stainless nails fitted and you may well have a problem with damage.

    If that happens I use a good suppliers of them in West London.
  6. Mikecox

    Mikecox New Member

    Thank you for the advice Pollowick.
  7. Pollowick

    Pollowick Well-Known Member

    I know, too well, about shingles. My workshop/garden-room/sauna, is 6m x 5m with a roof sloping in each side at around 30-35 degrees, and that is finished in cedar shingles. A long, long job.
  8. sospan

    sospan Well-Known Member

    Moving that in one piece is going to be a real challenge and dismantling could be fairly brutal on it. A lot depends on the fixngs and their quality. If they have used hex topped bolts or screws it could be easier but if they have used screws and nails, its going to be a lot less fun. You may be able to ease some of it apart a little and cut the fixings with a sabre saw.

    good luck with it

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