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  1. Gazowl1975

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    How nuch is it to get the cscs card and how long dues it take to get it through and is the test easy enough cheers?
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  3. jackelliott07

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    Test takes about half an hour and its easy enough assuming you have common sense. Bits to 'revise' are fire extinguisher colours etc as they are the most common to catch people out,

    Unsure of cost sorry, don't imagine it's expensive. It takes the same format (and normally location) as a driving theory test.

    Also depends on which card you are going for, visitor is obviously alot easier than manager.
  4. Gazowl1975

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    How long before you get a date for thee test after applying
    How long before you get a date for the test after you contact them about two weeks? Cheers
  5. Jord86

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    It’s roughly fifty quid for the test, roughly fifty quid for the card, and roughly fifty quids worth of alcohol to help drown your sorrows at having to undertake such a complete scam. The test has a few questions in there that are exclusively there to trip you up and are very ambiguous in their wording, to the point where I called the assessor over and asked her to explain the difference, which she was unable to and was clueless, so be careful.

    If in doubt, it’s usually ‘it’s a legal requirement’, ‘report it to your supervisor’ or ‘ask for the relevant training’.
  6. Gazowl1975

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  7. Gazowl1975

    Gazowl1975 Member

    It's £56 in total what I've read mate my employer said if I pay for test they'll pay for the card itself too so not too bad thanks
  8. jackelliott07

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    Jord has hit most of the points, although alot find it annoying/scam, unfortunately it is a legal requirement on the majority of most sites (although whether anyone ever ACTUALLY checks, is another question...) better to have it than not though for the cost..

    They last 5 years, and the date will be the date you choose. In defence of the assessor though, they generally aren't managed by CSCS and it is almost always the same place that driving theory tests etc are carried out.

    You can get a book to revise, and if you're unsure it might be worthwhile especially if you're going for a more advanced one. Previously i only had a visitors card as it was all i needed, but now i have a managers one, and i have to say the test was a LOT more difficult.

    Good luck
  9. Gazowl1975

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    So if you fail it you've gotta start aall over again and pay another fee ?
  10. jackelliott07

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    Yes. But when you say start all over again, it's just a 30-45minute test.

    Just pass it, simples.
  11. WillyEckerslike

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    It's not actually a legal requirement Jack. Firms have a legal obligation to manage the health and safety of people affected by their operations - employees, contractors, visitors and bystanders for instance - and this is one of the means that they use to not only enforce a wider understanding of safe systems of work on their sites but also (and I suspect more relevant) they can demonstrate the same at any investigation following an accident/incident.
    This has become more of an issue for them since the corporate manslaughter legislation became operative so not as easy to distance themselves from their obligations.
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  12. jackelliott07

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    Ok fair point. I'd still be surprised if any big contractor didn't require you to have one
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  14. sparko69

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    You find a work mate unconscious on the floor, do you...

    A. Leave him alone he's just having a sleep
    B. Throw water on him
    C: Lie down next to him and get cosy
    D: Seek medical advice

    This is the usual format of questions and if anyone fails the test they really should not be onsite. It's just a scam

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