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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by croppy, Dec 8, 2006.

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    This country really makes me laugh. For all you site plumbers out there , you will know that most big sites require you to have a cscs card. For those who dont know to get this you must pass a 35 question test , with revision from a booklet supplied for 30 quid. This is a strict safety test and is designed to promote and more importantly educate workers. The big companies make a big song and dance over this.

    Which makes me laugh because a polish company has set up an office in north london for its fellow countrymen to gain a cscs card. It does not matter if they can not read or write english nevermind understand safety / warning signs , as long as they had over 40 pounds they`ll pass them through the test and issue them with a card !!!! Infact one major recruiment agency now only employs polish labour ( paying them cheaper wages means more profit for them ) and actively puts them through this polish company for them to gain their cscs to get on site. Talk about taking safety seriously.

    The construction industry for the working englishman will be all but dead soon. My advice for all the young fellas looking to get into this game.......learn polish.
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    Not exactly sure what my point is but:

    Auf Wiedersehen, Pet : - Three unemployed bricklayers living on Tyneside in the early 1980s decide to travel to West Germany to find work in the booming German construction industry. They end up working on a building site in Dusseldorf, sharing a Nissen hut.
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    For those who
    dont know to get this you must pass a 35 question
    test , with revision from a booklet supplied for 30
    quid. This is a strict safety test and is designed to
    promote and more importantly educate workers. The big
    companies make a big song and dance over this.

    The books only a tenner

    and the 40 question test is a piece of ****

    Here's one of the harder questions

    Somewhone goes to the pub at lunchtime and has a couple of pints of beer.What should they do next?

    A.Drink plenty of strong coffee then go back to work
    B.Stay away from the site for the rest of the day
    C.Stay away for an hour and then go back to work
    D.Eat something,wait 30 minutes and then go back to work

    It's obvious the answer is A : ^O
  4. croppy

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    I dont know what test your taking mate but the cscs safety test is 30 quid.

    And you aint getting my point which is whats the point of having safety tests ( no matter how easy they are ) when you`ve got polish fellas who cant speak ,read or write english being rushed through it.
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  8. Dick Puller

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    Not sure about the working Englishman 'croppy', that's a bit of a contradiction! Cause if they got off their fat there would be no jobs for immigrant workers. Well lets face it, we all know guys that are fit and able to work, but can't be ars.d getting out of bed!!

    I agree with you, the cscs card is a farce.
  9. croppy

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    I see your doing your best to **** someone off again. I understand that you live in scotland and run your house bashing business , so your in no position whatsoever to judge the english tradesman and the work situation ` down south `. There are tons of hardworking english fellas who simply cant get starts because they cant live on 60 quid a day , which some employers are now paying because they know they can get away with it because there are millions of polish ******* ready to work for that amount.

    I`m a foreman for a big company , and when i ring an agency they all seem to fall over themselves by offering ` reliable , hardworking ` ( all a myth by the way ) polish labour at cheap prices. They dont mention they dont understand big commercial / industrial installations , dont speak good english ( or any at all!! ) , have **** tools , cant read drawings , have to hold their hand all day blah blah blah blah....
  10. wettaggen

    wettaggen New Member

    i agree with the auf widwersein fella. live and let live. and we've all been in need of a little help.

    the government should teach our guys first, but they couldn't give a stuff really. in fact they make it hard on purpose.

    i spent a year at college to get my ACS, and it was full of foreingners becasue what brit can afford to take a year off work to learn a trade ? there were loads of asians, some of whom had their own businesses already and just wanted to learn gas to save themselves and their friends some money when they rent their next house out.

    that's not exactly easing the burden on the country, it's just lookind after the people who can afford to take time off for college, at the expense of everyone else. hardly any brits there getting trained.

    they could condense these college courses and make them full time instead of only doing courses that are 2 days a week. why not 5 days a week for 3 months ?

    the college said it was because; if it was a full time course, you would lose your dole money, so no one could afford to do that (so you've got to be on the. no one can afford it anyway - an effing year out of work just to do 72 days at college is ********.

    i spent 72 actual working days at college out of my year (because of school hols etc, not absence). i suffered and was broke because of it. no wonder our men get bitter about foreigners. they can get straight onto courses, whereas our guys can't afford the time off work to retrain, so they stay stuck in factories and sweeping the streets.

    the governemnt don't want people to be qualified and earn good money, 'cus then we get all opinionated and start demading more rights for less tax.

    if they keep us untrained and allow shed loads of foreigners in, we will end up griping about the poles and asianas for years, not demanding more freedoms from the government. while we are all against each other, they keep coming out with new taxes and punishments and we don't really notice that they are taking the pi** !

    i think i have made my views clear now. thanks for your time reading this book, much appreciated.
  11. webgas

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    wettagen, i know what your saying, i have a mortgage and family to provide for and as soon as i want to re train i get no help whatsoever. Our carribean holiday went on my gas foundation course, ACS assesments and corgi reg fee, and loss of earnings. Great eh, now ive heard all women wanting to join the plumbing/gas trade get it all free, and i know what you mean about certain people on the course getting lovely grants for the whole thing, and there not even interested in it!
  12. Dick Puller

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    'croppy' if there's only £60/day on offer well that's what you must work for, but because they don't, the work is there for the immigrants.

    Speaking as an employer, I would never employ Polish workers or course cowboys, as one is as useless as the other. I can train apprentices and they are able to work better than either in their third year.
  13. croppy

    croppy New Member

    'croppy' if there's only £60/day on offer well that's
    what you must work for,

    Dont be silly , no one in london with kids and a mortgage can live on that. I wont employ eastern europeans full stop now and only take on either time served fellas or blokes who can give good refernences from reputable company.
  14. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    Vast amounts of good Scottish tradesmen ran off to London a few years ago and stories of loadsa money came back, as did most of them when they tried to live in the sh.thole!!

    *** it's no surprise no-one will work for £60/shift, have fun with the Poles by the way - they are a bunch of lazy b.stards.

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