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    Don't see it Dev's.
    The plumber was asked to look at a bit of dodgy plumbing and tightened it up at the owners request which fixed it at the time.
    Plumbers have no physic ability to predict leaks of the future.

    A bit like your vehicle MOT it's all at the time of the test.
    i.e. If something breaks on the vehicle on the way back from the MOT garage that makes the vehicle not roadworthy you will have no recompense from the MOT tester because it was fine at the time of the testing.

    Got it now Dev's?
  2. Thank you, Crows.

    Phew, good job you weren't patronising or else you might have ended up with egg on your face.

    Look again at my post #11 that you referred to; that was actually a (fair do's, unfunny) joke on the previous comment about a doctor.

    Address, please, for egg.
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    Ah yeah,:) That's actually quite funny Dev's now that you've pointed it out!
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  4. Tee-hee - I love you, Crows :)

    did I say that out loud...?
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    A long time ago there was a judgment that the plumber is not liable because he/ she has no control over what happens after they have left the property.

    Did the owner have a go at it? Or another plumber?

    Walk away,

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    I've shot myself in the foot a few times helping people... I'm not sure how far this has progressed but be careful what you say, if I was assisting the customer I would be using some comments against you:
    1. From what you state the customer 'asked you to take a look at a leak' - 'look' - you 'looked' at it but then determined the fault and fixed it. Are you a qualified plumber? if not then it is possible that an argument could be put forward that you have carried out work you are not qualified for.
    2. You say it 'looked to be a loose connection', did you investigate why it had become loose?
    3. You then say you 'tightened it' - without further investigating the cause, there's every possibility that it could become loose again.
    4. Had you made further investigation you may have discovered the defective washer.
    5. Jonathan says you need to say the pipework was not in good condition and had not been maintained properly - this is something you should have advised prior to tightening the connection not after the event. You cannot deny the leak was your fault and state its true cause as, again, this is something that should have been disclosed prior to tightening; you would, in essence, be informing them that you knew the cause at the time.
    The best chance if you can ascertain exactly what happened, if your connection is still tight and the subsequent leak caused by the defective washer and that the defective washer was not damaged by the connection being tightened you should be OK, if the subsequent leak stems from damage to the washer by the connection being tightened you may have a problem.

    The onus will be on the homeowner to prove fault but they only need to prove probability more so beyond reasonable doubt.
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