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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by romanian)guy, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. romanian)guy

    romanian)guy New Member

    wickes ,b&q ,homebase whenever i want any advice i can not get any because staff is useless
    they do not know anything.
    there should be self service .
  2. rekoj

    rekoj New Member

    Yu iz lick a brokken rekord, Yamshika!

    IWS: I Wasn't Surprised :(
  3. plumplasdec

    plumplasdec Member

    Try the screwfix forum You can usually get an answer to your question regardless of how ridiculous they maybe !!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. piotr perfecto

    piotr perfecto New Member

    Hi people, Piotr here again, I am finding Chris Stevens on Holloway rod a good place for advice. Many of the people behind their counters are friendly and have lots of good things to tell. Only the other day I ask for paint and they tell me the best to use is costs the most but will last twice as long before running out. I find this is very how you say true as washing up liquid I has is called Fairy and that is lasts twice as longing as the others.
    So for advice I would say get the best

  5. tonynoarm

    tonynoarm New Member

    I find the tradesmen that B&Q employ at their warehouses are very knowledgeable - thats probably because they are tradesmen!

    It Wasn't Surprising :)
  6. robbiedaywork

    robbiedaywork Member

    Hi people, Piotr here again, I am finding Chris Stevens on Holloway rod a good place for advice. <

    yes but try and park there and watch out for the camera that will give you a instant fine if you drive in the wrong lane. still a very good shop.
  7. piotr perfecto

    piotr perfecto New Member

    Hi Robie daywork, Piotr here again, how are you my friend? I very good. I drive my car which I bring over from Polski with me. Very good number plats which I think the camera does not see too well. I am parking there most days and have not got these finse yet. Maybe I do something good for them yes?
  8. robbiedaywork

    robbiedaywork Member

    hi, it's almost peter perfect, you guys like to change your name to an english version so why dont you start calling yourself that, people will love you for it i'm sure. good to see you brought your reliable old polski motor with you, i bet the old snow chains make a racket down the holloway rd. perhaps thats why you dont get a ticket as your tyres are not actually touching the rd surface,i think i met you on a job in highgate remember you skimmed the ceiling and when i started rolling it,the lot all came down on my barnet. you forgot to strip the paper off first or was that one of your mates. hope to meet up again if that was you it was good fun.
  9. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

  10. piotr perfecto

    piotr perfecto New Member

    Hi Robbiedayworker it is me Piotr, no this is not being me i think. I no do plastring only the painting of all sorts. I have worked in Higgate near the cemertary and I have worked in Muswel hill but it is longer way to muswel hill and I no make too much money there as well. My car is very good Fiat, made in Italia many years ago but still good.
  11. piotr perfecto

    piotr perfecto New Member

    I forget to say I never yet to have worked in Barnet.
  12. robbiedaywork

    robbiedaywork Member

    no, barnet fair, you were wearing your lionel blairs, you must learn the lingo, ah the old fiat polski 128 what a dream car that was, you dont mean to tell me your one is still on the road, must be a collectors item now, why dont you bung it on ebay and get yourself a nice little moskavich hope thats how you spell it i'm not too good with my eastern european although i was thinking of moving to poland to get some peace i heard theres not many peeps left there. hope to meet up in finchley soon.
  13. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

    Not many Poles in Poland any more, they're all over here or in the Emerald Isle. Next thing we know IWS will be setting up a new get away from it all holiday place in Poland. I hear that the fish they eat from those tins is as bad as all the rest of their food, so perhaps a few of them could do with some catering lessons before we spend our hard earned dosh in a Polish paradise

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