Cutting around rad pipes in existing laminate floor

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by BuildMore, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. BuildMore

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    I have several laminate floors where the radiator pipes that pass through them don't have an expansion gap, and at least one pipe is being bent by the laminate pushing against it.

    What is the best way to cut a circular expansion gap around the pipes in-situ? Is there any kind of tool that's a cross between a pipe slice and a hole saw, that I can clip onto the copper pipe and which will cut a hole in the laminate below?

    I'm not asking how to cut around pipewok before laying a floor. The floor and pipes are already there.
  2. tightenit

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    I'm not aware of such a tool. I would use pipe surround (right colour) place it around the pipe and scribe the circumference. Take it off and use a stanley knife to cut the top of the laminate and a sharp chisel thereafter to get down to the floor board / chipboard. When the pipe is clear either put the surround back on or if your work is neat enough - go without. Like your description of a cross between a hole cutter and a pipeslice by the way.

  3. Like your description of a cross between a hole cutter and a pipeslice by the way.

    sort of a holeslicer,...or a cutterslice,...or a slicehole,..or sumfink.
  4. PriestyUK

    PriestyUK New Member

  5. tightenit

    tightenit New Member

    That sure is a bootiful pipe collar. What sort of tool would I need to get it to fit over the rad valve? A pipeslice or a holecutter would be no good. Should I sever it midships and then glue it back together around the pipe with glue? I meant the click on kind- you know the cheap and nasty chrome or white plastic stuff, the ones that wont click and just break so you buy ten to get two to work.........
  6. natrosol

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  7. Dick Puller

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    A sharp 1/4" wood chisel, then fit pipe collars around it.........Job done!!

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