Cutting corrugated polycarbonate

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Wayne K, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Wayne K

    Wayne K New Member

    What is the best method of neatly cutting to length & ripping sheets of 3" corrugated polycarbonate?
  2. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    " How to cut Lexan: Lexan Corrugated sheet can be cut with a variety of common hand-held and table-mounted equipment. In general, sharp tooling with fine cutting teeth should be used to minimize vibration and clatter Sheets should be properly supported along the trim line before cutting.

    Circular Saws: Use a fine-tooth, hollow ground panel blade with 10-12 teeth per inch. Sabre saws equipped with a fine-tooth blade can also be used, but proper support is recommended.
  3. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    ...and try to cut at a narrow angle, not up and down!

    Also, if you have other sheets, use them all under the one you're cutting, for support(with the ends of them near to your cutting line).

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really

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