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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by mike spark, Aug 22, 2007.

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    Cabinet Maker's Tapered Plug & TCT Drill Bit Set

    Combined packs of precision point tungsten carbide lip and spur drills with matching tapered plug cutter. Both items designed to run in power drills or drilling machines with speed ranges up to 3,000rpm. When using plug cutters always use a power drill stand or bench drill, taking some pre-cut plugs with you when going on site, as it is virtually impossible and very dangerous to cut plugs freehand.

    This is Axminsters take on drilling plugs freehand. And before anyone says I am fully aware it doesnt say anything about routers
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    With the right cutter and properly set up router there is no problem cutting plugs with a router, however I would not consider puting cheap imported cutters into a router, get the right ones for the job, and if you have an overhead plung facility on your router table, like the Tipman one use that.

    Personally I try to cut sufficent in the workshop with the drill press but if I need a few on site then its not too much of a problem to do them with a cordless, the bit of scrap ply/MDF with a hole is the best method of stopping the cutter skidding about.

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