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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by ColinJohn, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. ColinJohn

    ColinJohn New Member

    I need to cut a laminate-chipboard worktop to length. Is it best to use a circular saw and if so can you recommend a suitable blade? The saw blade size is 185mm and no-load speed 5000rpm. Also, will I need to router the finished cut?
  2. cer the chippy

    cer the chippy New Member

    if you want a good router buy a trend but if you are not going to be using all the time then go for a makita because they are a bit cheaper.
  3. chippie84

    chippie84 New Member

    if your using a circular saw,make sure you use a guide rail and make sure you have inserted a tipped blade designed for cutting should work on the underside and start cut from formed edge.that would reduce the risk/minimise break out.take your time with cut let the saw do the work.finish the edges with a file held at an angle and smooth the edges.affix laminate strips to ends apply with a contact adhesive.

  4. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    Go for a blade that has either 24t or 30t. Turn the w/top upside down, mark where you need to cut then clamp a straight edge parallel to this line o the saw blade will cut on the line. Cut from the preformed edge to the back. Make sure both sides of the worktop are supported. Just cut at a steady speed. If you want, a length of masking tape placed on the top of the w/top, covering the cut line can help to prevent chipping of the laminate surface.
  5. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    .....just use a jigsaw with a bent blade :)
  6. blueassedfly!

    blueassedfly! New Member

    Capn, surley the OPs better off wiv a CHAINSAW?!
  7. ColinJohn

    ColinJohn New Member

    Thanks for the tips. I will practice on a scrap length first. If you could recommend a blade that would help?
  8. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

  9. ColinJohn

    ColinJohn New Member

    Dear Joinerjohn
    Thanks for the blade recommendation. I will follow it up.

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