D/L's with a 100mm hole or bigger?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by sinewave, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. sinewave

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    Anyone know of any new D/L's with a required ceiling hole of 100mm +?

    They are to replace some 20 year old Gold Eyeball units in a T&G ceiling.
  2. Phil the Paver

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  3. wally

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    Hi sine, not much help probably but I had a job a few weeks ago with some rather old recessed ceiling lights & the hole in ceiling was about 100mm or slightly more. I used a KSR LED with a conversion plate of the same make. Didn't think the springs would hold but they did.
    something like this. Edit, I've shown the wrong page, they look similar but they are fixed led & fire rated instead, seem to think there 10 watt Firebreak led 10 + conversion plate http://ksrlighting.com
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  4. seneca

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    I've used the converter plates mentioned above with both LED's and GU10's Sine, they do make a neat job.
  5. sinewave

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  6. sinewave

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    Just emailed em!

    Cheers Wal & Sen! :)
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  8. sinewave

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  9. sparky Si-Fi

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    All wholesalers stock 'em, or used to as they are not fire rated me old cable. . .
  10. wally

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    The firebreak 10 leds are fire rated sparky as my last link, I put the pics of the wrong ones in haste. I note newey have them at my local branch

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