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    Club. !!!!!!.
    There in lies the problem, the actions of the "CLUB" affect millions of people, not always for the better, but the member's of the "CLUB" never seem to suffer, so YES gravy train is the best I can come up with, simply because its the correct answer,
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    Immaterial of what your views are....remember how the EU has behaved, threatened and mocked Great Britain AND the British people.?
    And how our traitorous politicians acted ?
    Is that a club you want to be a member of ?
    I don't.
    Just walk away NOW...take our money and trade AND Foreign Aid of 13 BILLION....see how long they last.
    We can trade with the REST OF THE WORLD direct on our terms.....which in case no one has noticed...is NZ, canada, usa, africa, china, south america, australia, latin america, India, pakistan, iraq, iran etc.
    The people who we pay to represent us kneed to grow SPINES.
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  3. Isitreally

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    Davis explain why he left.

  4. Isitreally

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    Thatcher had the mark of the CLUB way back when.

  5. joinerjohn1

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    Nah the only rat to desert anything was Cameron. You remember him don’t you? He said he would lead the country no matter what the result of the referendum was. Resigned within an hour of the result being announced. Johnson and Gove are standing by their beliefs, that out means out. Not some half baked idea whereby the EU still makes the laws for this country but we have no say in those laws. May is treading a very dangerous course, by ignoring the wishes of the electorate. Her continual kowtowing to the EU is actually frightening.
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  6. joinerjohn1

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    It’s far from being a club though, isn’t it. Far removed from the EEC of the late 60’s / early 70’s. Actually unrecognisable. They are heading towards some sort of federal state. (and well you know this) Do you really want to remain in this corrupt institution and see every single future law / dictat ( good or bad) coming directly from Brussels? I certainly don’t.
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  7. Dr Bodgit

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    Yes it voted to leave so we're clear what the country doesn't want but as I keep saying, no one knows what the country does want - hard, soft or scrambled?
  8. joinerjohn1

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    Looks like we’re getting it fried or poached. :p:p
  9. goldenboy

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    Brexiteers look like a rambling bunch of loonies now.

    Pretty accurate representation.

    With SAS Dave and BoJo leading the charge.

    To be 100% honest every single day the "victory" is eroded.

    And they have done that to themselves.

    Their utter refusal to make Brexit a national process and keep in as a inter Tory party dispute has caused that.

    Good ship "Hard Brexit" is well and truly sunk.

    And BoJo's childish grandstanding has put it firmly on the sea bed.

    Jeremy Hunt will never relinquish control now.

    Davis and Johnson have played their hand appallingly.

    If they force May out they essentially force Corbyn in, probably with SNP as partners.

    Thus May stays and they are out of any positions of power.
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  10. goldenboy

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    Whats more frightening for you is the utterly inept way Brexiteers have played their hand.

    They look like rambling, tantrum throwing children. Britains future isnt a bargaining chip in a Tory squabble.

    Increasingly marginalised and devoid of any power.

    Leave them to it and they will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,
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  11. Allsorts

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    I am still hoping for a Climadex-hard Brexit.
  12. Broon

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    The problem is just what the Dr has said the UK voted to leave the EU but as there was no plan in place for if the yes actually won the politicians are now like headless chicken trying to work out a deal that will please the general public so they will be re-elected and one that won't cripple us.

    I do see Borris now being the next leader of the tories though as and I don't look forward to that especially if he becomes PM.
  13. joinerjohn1

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    To be honest, if he runs the Foreign Office the way he ran the NHS ( on his watch) I wouldn’t be surprised to see WW3 breakout by Christmas.
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  14. joinerjohn1

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    That could equally be levelled at the EU who have not exactly “ played ball” during the negotiations. They mentioned a “Brexit Bill” but conveniently left it up to the U.K. to come up with a figure. First offer was unacceptable. Put it this way, if the EU were second hand car salesmen, nobody would buy a car off them. They’d have cars lined up on the forecourt with no prices on them, leaving customers to guess the price. It’s been more like an episode of “The Price Is Right” than serious negotiations on their side.
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  15. btiw2

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    I thought we were promised a red, white and blue Brexit. After reading the proposal I’d describe it as beige, grey and yellow.

    If we’re going to do something stupid, can we at least go for it? I don’t want a low fat, non alcoholic Brexit, with its I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-the-CJEU and its knock-off no brand EU regulation lite. If it is to happen then I want the Butch Cassidy and Sundance kid finale, not the boring bit where they ride a bicycle through fields of wheat (though the farmers will be very cross).

    Back to Dr J’s point. Poached, hard, soft, scrambled?

    Nah. Hollow and containing tat. This is a Kinder egg Brexit.
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  16. goldenboy

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    Why should they make it easy. "We" decided to leave. Its up to us to do all the legwork.

    The Tories are making such a complete mess of it that its best just to sit back, watch the chaos and let them destroy their own dreams.
  17. joinerjohn1

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    Not much legwork needs to be done though. In 2019 we just walk away, don't we?
  18. joinerjohn1

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    I'd describe it as a Red, Black and Yellow Brexit.. (wonder which countries flag contains those colours??)
  19. Heat

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    Ich bin vollkommen einverstanden
  20. fillyboy

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    I'm with btiw2 on this

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