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    That’s because your only listening to remainers

    Main objective of voting brexit in most working class areas, reduce the unsustainable flow of economic migration

    David Miliband!!! If anyone was influenced by this guy I would be amazed, got humiliated by his brother and ran off to America now he’s back to patronise us probably on request from his former boss Blair (the massive ****)

    New labour is dead, they are the reason we are leaving the EU, nobody is into these self serving politicians pretending to want the best for the working class whilst lining there own pockets the minute they leave office. Like it or lump it Corbin is everything labour should be the polar opposite of the Tory’s not some watered down version the blairites want labour to be
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    But don't fool me by saying it's better to stay in.
  4. Lanc

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    What about this then.....

    In July our UK government will be HOSTING a conference to ENCOURAGE 6 new countries from Western Balkan to JOIN the EU ??? Just as the the UK have decided we must get out ?? Presume 'crazy' Boris will be in the Chair!

    Is there something our government is not telling us, or have we really gone down the 'Rabbit Hole'?
  5. dobbie

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    Another reason they are trying to keep us.
    How much is it going to cost to keep this lot over and above the countries of Eastern Europe we are funding at the moment.
    They want our money,just get out.
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    Just taking bets, if DA has his way I reckon this Brexit thing will go on longer than the DFS sale :(
  7. Are there? Name them.
  8. Thanks, JJ - fair links. And no surprise - the UK population doesn't have a monopoly on cynicism or foolishness. Let's face it, a goodly number of all our populations are just not that well informed, and these tend to vote 'cynical'. They have not the barest of understandings of what the EU is about, what it's doing for them and what it would mean to leave. Barely a jot of understanding (you'll see this plenty times with those here who have shouted "LEAVE NOW! DON'T GIVE THEM A PENNY!" That's a demand of profound stupidity - complete and total ignorance. 'Losing our sovereignty' - ditto. 'Give £350m to the NHS', 'sort out peanut labelling', 'straighten out bananas' - you are getting the idea; the ref wasn't dealing with the most thoughtful of folk, and every country has it's share.

    The others aren't as daft as to carry it through, tho' - we'll leave that debacle to the UK. man, soooo proud.

    At least our mess is serving one purpose - it's focusing the minds of others.

    Happy with you to make valid points, as you've done above. But please leave out the "Yep plainly everyone’s happy ( so you like to think )" glibbism at the end in future. It's just dishonest and does you no favours.
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  9. Jimmy - time for you to present a bit of credibility; simply demonstrate the pros and cons, backed up with facts, of this 'unsustainable flow' of economic migration. The pros and cons of immigration for the UK.

    And, if you have time, also explain why it was generally the areas with least immigration which voted most strongly for 'Leave'.

    Weird, eh?
  10. DIY womble

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    Isn't this all too late, were leaving, best foot forward, vote conservative at least till we get on our feet
  11. You want us to vote Tory for the next few decades?! :eek:
  12. facilities

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    Sarcasm does not become you:oops:
  13. DIY womble

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    Do you think labour would do a better job , great for sticking up for "human rights and keeping jobs that don't make the books balance " but we all pay for it
  14. But a touch of reality does. :)
  15. Alas, not the current Labour party, no. :oops:

    We are living through a perfect storm of political chaos.
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  16. DIY womble

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    Yvette Cooper will be next labour leader
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  17. That suits me :)
  18. Broon

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    I don't see any party fit to lead us through this the Tory's are already falling apart with BBB (Big Bumbling Borris) set to be the next leader when May bites the dust just shortly.

    I worry for the state of the UK. If it goes terrible like really bad I hope Scotland gets another Indy ref and we can run for the hills.
  19. Lanc

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    I'm sure they will, particularly after last week's big Independence march through Glasgow, which was part of a series of cross-Scotland events this summer, I believe. And this time I think the Yes side will win conclusively.

    Wish we English had such an opportunity to avoid the Brexit shambles!
  20. Broon

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    I have to agree Lanc the only thing that could let us down is Brexit. If it was close this time I doubt people would fall for the vow again.

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