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  1. Lanc

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    Absolutely right, and the fact that, at the moment, the Tory party are actively trying to emasculate the powers of the devolved Government of Scotland (which I seem to remember 92% of Scots voted for at it's inception!) will surely demonstrate to Scots voters that they must break away - or lose their Parliament. From friends I have up there, the idea of simply becoming another county of England does not go down well at all.

    A vote in Holyrood, this afternoon, will show the feelings, and it seems that Labour, Libs and Greens will be supporting the SNP - naturally Scots Tories want to make their own Scots Parliament toothless (how can they stand for election and then vote to effectively close their own House - crazy?).
  2. joinerjohn1

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    Hmmmmmm , Ever noticed that the EU prefers to call the countries that make up the EU, “member states”? I remember when Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain, etc were proud to call themselves countries.
  3. fillyboy

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    You're right, the Scots voted against. Interestingly, the Welsh supported it, they're not stupid.;)
  4. Broon

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    It's not really that big of a mystery both votes went with how the respective countries voted in the referendum. So its more crowd pleasing then any politician voting on how they feel.
  5. Lanc

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    Very interesting (but, surely, just a coincidence!!!) that Mrs May now announces a Brexit 'White Paper'.

    Why was this not done BEFORE the referendum vote, as it was during the 2014 Scots referendum? Then people would have known exactly where the Tories were taking us. Ah well, better late than never I suppose.
  6. joinerjohn1

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    Hmmmm I don’t think we knew the result of the referendum way back in 2014. I also seem to remember Labour being voted in for another term , previous to this on the promise of a referendum on the EU ? ( surely you remember their manifesto? You know the one, where they committed themselves to offer the voters a referendum, then reneged on this election promise and promptly lost the next election )
  7. Broon

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    I think Lanc is trying to say why wasn't there a plan put together before the referendum like there was in the Scottish Indy Ref. I feel most that voted for Brexit didn't actually know what the UK was going to do if it voted to leave. They would of had their reasons for voting leave just as those who voted remain but now we are found without an idea of what we actually want from leaving and how we want to go about it and the Tory in-fighting doesn't help the situation.

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