Damaged and brittle concrete internal floor - Repair Advice

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    I bought a third floor flat in need of renovation in March '21. In the process of pulling up the carpet and the glued down carpet tack strips, multiple areas of the flooring came up creating holes, as well as there being pre-existing cracks.

    The floor appears to be concrete with a thin layer of cement covering it leaving a 50mm width gap around the edges. But i'm no expert.

    Within certain parts of the holes there appears to be a layer of fibreglass insulation with a paper covering, or wood, or just cement over rubble/trash. In particular, the step in the washing machine cupboard appears to be a pile of cast offs and Cig ends that has been cemented over, and under the floor is some piping that isn't connected to anything.

    I've looked online as to how to repair, fill or patch up the holes but can't seem to find an example that fits my situation. Some say to dig out the hole, some say it shouldn't be a wet fill etc. Some can't be over 6mm and the holes are at least 25mm. Additionally, there is a gap between the concrete/cement floor and the wall,should this be retained?

    I'd like to get to a point where i can level the floor, but understand the holes would need to be filled in and levelled first. Especially around the windows, which are floor to ceiling. Note: The windows are being replaced in the next few days.

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