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    Hi all. Have a single skin garage in the garden that I’m beginning to convert. The corners at the back of the garage were a little wet, so I assumed this was to do with crappy guttering/old roof felt and it was coming in from outside. Have applied tanking slurry (3 coats) and I thought it was clearing up but the last couple of days rain and it’s reappeared. I’m pretty certain it’s condensation as opposed to coming in through the wall, as the the garage door has been open quite a lot and it lets water in to the front of the garage at the best of times. Question is;

    Am I ok to crack on? I’m going to be building stud walls with kingspan or similar insulation and tyvex/house wrap on the back of the studs (ie it will be wall, tyvek, insulation in CLS, plasterboard, plaster). Will the better usage, warmth and airflow in the garage get rid of the problem or should I be more worried? Pic attached. Thanks in advance

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