Damp proof course in modern building

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  1. BiancoTheGiraffe

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    How can I identify where the DPC is on a 20 year old brick/block building?

    Got to bring a cable through the wall from the garden, don't want it to be visible outside so was planning on digging down to cable depth (1ft or so) and drilling through the brick and block, and breaking up a small area of the concrete floor on the inside to pull it in

    Just a bit worried about damp ingress particularly as the wall cavitys are insulated, so want to try to stay below the DPC, but I can't find it (on older houses I've worked on it's been fairly obvious from the outside!)
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    Will be at the inside floor level.
    In saying that my garage floor is 100mm lower so it 100mm above floor level there.
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  3. BiancoTheGiraffe

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    Thanks mate!

    The floor in my garage is level with the ground outside so hopefully I'll be fine as long as I go through the wall below floor level and patch up any part of the plastic membranes I damage before I fill the hole in
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