Damp render and rusty angle beads - please help!

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Tom_E, Feb 22, 2021 at 6:12 PM.

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    I've just had a full survey done on a Victorian terrace that I'm hoping to buy and it's come back saying there's damp in the walls from the render trapping moisture. This is most obvious on the ground floor bay where some some of the paint is peeling off/ bubbling. The render itself seems stable though and isn't blowing off. There doesn't appear to be any visible mould on the inside walls but some of the plug sockets have come loose. Another problem is the rusty angle beads - they've split and cracked in some places which is letting water soak into the render. Is it possible to remove these beads, replace with stainless steel and make good around them?

    Our initial plan was to wait until the summer, dry the house out a bit, repair the damaged parts and give the house a lick of paint. But the surveyor seems to think the whole lot needs to come off... It's a 3 story house and we really don't have the budget for this, in addition to the other work needed throughout the property. Any advice is appreciated!

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    Why do you think the surveyor is wrong? Render trapping moisture is a big problem and many just live with it tarting up from time to time. Have done myself but I used plastic bead.
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    Could well be CYA. Best bet has to be to cut the beads and investigate.

    Pal of mine had terrible issues with a bad batch of trim 6/7 years ago: visible rust within weeks

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