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Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by BiancoTheGiraffe, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Just got a Pioneer DAB stereo for Christmas as an upgrade for my Renault Master.

    Problem is, as usual, the bloody speakers in the doors at low level! I'm sure the sound is fine in the footwell, but I've found sticking my head between my knees whilst driving tends to result in more accidents than are convenient!

    I did rig up an old set of PC speakers on the dash for the old radio, but they just rattled constantly.

    Anyone upgraded the speakers in their van anf have any tips?!
  2. Isitreally

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    In my van I have JBL door speakers, Clairon 6 x 9s in the roof lining running off a 400 watt amp with a Sony Bluetooth double din head unit. Sounds sweet. :D:D:D
  3. Isitreally

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  4. Placement is the problem though.

    The current situation with mini PC speakers on the dash works acoustically, but the build of the housings obviously isn't suitable for constant vibration.

    Was wondering if anyone could recommend an enclosed speaker for use in a vehicle.

    In my day job I'm a sound system engineer, but in my professional life I only use kit which designed to be static!
  5. Isitreally

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    Swap the door standard speakers for the ones I listed above or better ones, if you are after super sound also fit an amp.
  6. KIAB

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    Look for head lining speakers, some call them Roof Lining Speakers.

  7. Isitreally

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    I have my 6 x 9s in the head lining.
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  8. Mr. Handyandy

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    Back in the day, I used to use old speakers from old stereo systems. Keep them in their box and mount them on foam or rubber backing. boom boom boom, boobooboom.

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
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  9. CGN

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    Usually down to how they're mounted and the 'enclosure' that's formed with the speaker and vehicle.
    You could put the best speakers in and they prob won't sound loads better than cheapies if this is not factored in. Also potential for lots of background noise and vibration in a van so taming that will help loads.
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  10. KIAB

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    Sound proofing is esential if you want to stop metal panels resonating,products like Dodo & Silent Coat are very good.

    See this thread.

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