Deciding where to put work surface and cupboards on a kitchen wall

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Iron_Mike, Aug 12, 2017.

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    I am soon to be putting in a kitchen.

    The kitchen is a big open plan kitchen, with the ceiling measuring 2.6m high.

    I have got a design from Howdens.

    They have the work surface starting 0.92m.

    They have a gap of 0.46m between the work surface and the start of the cupboards. With the cupboards starting at 1.38m.

    My concern is with the work surface starting what I feel to be relatively low, I will have a lot of dead space above the cupboards.

    I am not a professional kitchen fitter and am relatively tall at 1.93m.

    But with the cupboards starting at 1.38m, even with high cupboards, a lot of space is going to be wasted.

    I thought it would be logical to have a higher work surface, say starting at 1.2m and a wider gap between the work surface and cupboards, say 0.8m.

    I have attached a video of the wall, any advice would be appreciated.


  2. KIAB

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    Kitchen units 870mm plus 40mm worktop 910mm overall, wall units distance from worktop no set height, anywhere from 450mm to 600mm, wall units can be upto 910mm or so in height.

    A lot depends on the height of the wall units & the height of the peep using them,no good having them high, if your only 5', I know someone who pulled a wall unit off the wall,due to it being too high & she lost her balance reaching into it & grab hold of the wall unit.:eek:
    Also if you have a larder unit, you would normally align the top of the wall unit with the top of the larder unit.
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  3. Iron_Mike

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    Thanks KIAB
  4. Devil's Advocate

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    You are funny, Mike!

    It's as KIAB says.

    Have you actually been to a kitchen showroom? Have you walked up to a worktop, ran your fingers along the surface, caressed a sinktop or hob?

    Man, you ain't lived.

    And that worktop - sad to say - was at around 900mm height.

    You go and fit your 'tops at whatever height you want (I'd love to see the plinths on your 1.2m high units...) and watch in bemusement as yer wife, friends, visitors, relatives anybody comes to look at your new kitchen...

    I'll stake a bet that the default remark will be "What the ****?!"

    As KIAB says, if there's going to be a tall unit anywhere on a run - a larder, oven housing, built-in fridge etc - then that sets the exact top height of your wall units.
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  5. Pollowick

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    I am 1m90 and my wife and daughter both around 1m75.

    Whilst still a fraction low for me, the worktops are at about 970/980mm. Most kitchen suppliers can provide LONG LEGS as an option.

    The wall cupboards are, in my case, at a defined height due to having tall larder units which are also fitted with long legs to level them will the bases and the top defines where the wall units should sit.

    Your suggestion of 1m20 sound very high and even allowing for you being 30mm taller than me, that would only add 15mm to the worktop height which may still be below 1m.

    Get Howdens to raise a base unit to 990mm, 1050mm and 1100mm in their showroom, and try them out.
  6. Iron_Mike

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    Lol thanks for the advice lads.

    Might get a 50mm rise, but won't go as extreme as I was thinking.
  7. WillyEckerslike

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    How does a higher workout worktop affect things like washing machine, dishwasher etc? Do they have to be raised accordingly to bring them up under the worktop or do you leave a gap underneath? Plus, although you're concerned about losing valuable wall space above the wall units, if you move everything up, aren't you merely losing the same space but under the base units instead?
  8. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Seen it where kitchen units have been raised, one kitchen had plinth drawers providing useful storage & the gap between washing machine & worktop had been filled with a custom made single drawer unit.
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  9. KIAB

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  10. Pollowick

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    Given where they are located in my kitchen: On top of te dishwasher are all the chopping boards, on the tumble dryer sits my wife's 600x450mm marble slab my daughters icing mats. So, they make nice little storage locations.

    Only problem we had was the cooker was low and no leg extensions available so it sits on 2x18mm sheets of marine ply.
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