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  1. abbaswasim

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    Hi All,

    Is it possible to build a ground level deck of size 26x12 feet from 2x4s? I have height issue and can't go with 2x6 otherwise will have to dig deep risking standing water. I am planning to have the joists 16inch o.c. and happy to add as many noggins as required. Also will be using the Jouplast Plastic Adjustable Decking Risers so happy to add as many as required. I am going to use are 28mm decking boards.

    What are other issues I need to be aware of.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Yes but you will need to support the 4x2 at their midspan with something to stop any flex, usually posts or beams are used but if you're tight for space dig a channel out of the ground a bit, tamp some scalpings down and bed preformed 4x3 concrete lintels down level and in line and support the joists off these. There are several different ways of doing this job.
  3. abbaswasim

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    thanks for your response. You mean the 4x2 flexing downwards or twisting with time?
    For downwards flex I have hard surface bellow it and I am hoping to add these risers at 700mm apart. So the 3.6meters joist takes 6 of these each.

    The preformed lintels will only make the base solid right? It doesn't help with twisting with time?

    Attached is the plan for reference.

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  4. Jord86

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    Noggins stop the twist. Your proposal looks fine.
  5. abbaswasim

    abbaswasim New Member

    cool thanks a lot.

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