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    Hi all,

    I’m building a deck in our garden and the overall length means I will need two deck boards for each length.

    My original plan for the frame, which I have now built, was to have two joists running along each join line 15cm apart. Each board would overhang the joist by c7.5 cm at the join. My logic for doing this was: it provided reasonable space between joists, so they did not get damp / rot, screws in the end of the deck boards weren’t too close to the end and the deck boards were still well enough supported at each end.

    However, now that I’m coming to lay the deck boards, I’m slightly worried that the gap it too big? I think my options are:

    1. Go with my original plan

    2. Add additional parallel joists where the deck boards will join, attached directly to the existing joists.

    3. As per 2 but with a spacer in-between the additional joists.

    4. Join the deck boards on a single joist.

    In hindsight 2 or 3 would probably have been the better options but now I’ve built the frame and added the noggins it’s going to be a relatively time-consuming retro fit.

    Any thoughts / opinions / ideas would be much appreciated.

    Other relevant info:

    1. Deck joists are 50mm wide

    2. Decking is 28mm x 144mm x 2.5m pressure treated boards

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