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    Hi all. I'm wanting in the next week or so to start getting my garden ready to fit a ground level composite deck. I haven't done this type of thing before and just want to make sure I'm doing the frame OK. Basically I have a wall running along the back of my garden and intend to resin threaded bar into the brick to fix a ledger board to (I want this to last) then carry on building the frame from there. The width will be 10m and depth around 2m. The questions I have are more to do with how to support it in the soil at the front edge and in the middle. What is going to be the easiest and most sufficient kind of way to do it? I believe either pad foundations or concreting 100 x 100 tanalised posts into the ground but which one should I go for? Also if I need to dig holes what size would be sufficient and is postcrete fine to set the timber in? I've heard it's a good idea to paint the timber using a bitumen paint if setting in concrete. I do know the bearers need to be sat off the soil and a membrane added with gravel over. Just want to make sure it will last for years.

    Cheers all.
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    You sound like you have all the bases covered. You could use 5" thunderbolts instead of threaded bar and chemical anchor, bit easier to work with if you're not so experienced.

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