Decking stain or oil?

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  1. I have recently built a small deck to site a kids playhouse on.
    I used Wickes budget decking boards - and some of them ain't pretty - green (!) knots in some.

    Everyone seems to say that oil is best for decking, but I am thinking of using stain to hide the ugly blotches in the wood.

    Good idea or bad idea?
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    I prefer microporous decking oil,allows the wood to breathe, Osmo Decking Oil & Osmo Anti Slip Decking Oil would be high on my list,excellent products.
    A bit cheaper then look at Manns Decking Oil or Barrettine Decking Oil, not sure if they are microporous though
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    Best advise I can give you when it comes to decking, where wood used is lower quality or recycled. Use a solid colour decking finish they come in many different colours that simulate a wood finish. They are highly durable, especially in the out door areas.
    You could stain or oil but you'll find your self having to redo every year or so. I have given customers the same advise. The decks I've prepared and painted with a solid colour decking finish have lasted and looked good 4-5 years
    Try it out

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