Decking Support Trouble

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Stephen magill, Apr 5, 2021.

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    Hi, I'm installing a 25m2 deck at the end of my garden with some fairly mild slopes. The high point is against 2 neighbours fences and to maintain privacy for the neighbours I'm taking it all down to the low point so the decking boards are at the existing height of the grass and maintaining the original fence height. This means my joists and posts need set below the current grass height.
    I cleared the turf and dug a trench from the low point to the high point to see just how much I need to cut away and sink my posts. The problem is while digging the trench I've unearthed what Taylor wimpey used as fill before putting 200mm of muck over it. Basically pulling out scaffold boards and heras fencing feet out of the ground today. I've 17 posts to sink and didn't even get 300mm down before I hit this shambles. Can I short fill with dry mix / concrete and use concrete deck feet instead of sinking posts? Or any suggestions on a way if digging through these obstructions?
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    We found an old trailer in a foundation trench on a job a couple of years ago. Buying the last house built on an estate is not a great idea.
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