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    Hi all, looking for a bit if advice. Never done before but going to build a composite deck 5.4m x 3m using 6x2 timber on stilts concreted into ground with a ledger board attached to the house. I've got a plan of using 3 rows of 4 posts (span is 1.8m lengthways and 1m width ways) using 12 posts in total, does this seem excessive? Could Iget away with using less? Also looking to use 3m joists at 600mm intervals, would this be ok? 9 in total excluding the frame. 400mm intervals just seems a lot of joists? Thanks for any advice as dont want to mess it up. Lastly what to advise bolting ledger board into standard engineering brick?
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    600mm joist spacing is acceptable, but 500mm or less will give a more solid feel. It also depends on the board thickness.
    Hard to visualise but 9 posts sounds adequate for a 6x2 frame.
    Probably frame fixings or metal wall anchors for the ledger board.
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