decorators caulk, can you fill wall cracks with this?

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by questuk, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. questuk

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    I have some cracks in plaster, from slight movement in building in the past.

    I want to repair them, would this be best or some other way of doing it?

    As i expect the cracks will move a millimetre or two from summer to winter temperatures.


  2. dewaltdisney

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    Hi Gary,

    I used it once for a similar reason and I found it hard to get it flat. It does not sand and it tends to emphasise the line of the crack. Having said this the crack did not reopen.

    So I guess it is down to the finish you want. I would have a look at some of the flexible fillers now available.

  3. I wouldn't use it for settlement cracks for the reason outlined by dewalt. Drag the cracks out with a scraper, if they end up being deepish then use a standard tub filler to fill the majority and allow to dry. Sand any excess then take a fine surface filler and fill again leaving slightly proud. When dry sand off with some fine paper (180g). Touch in then paint entire wall for a perfect finish. Caulk is great around skirts and architraves.
  4. questuk

    questuk Member

    Thanks both of you

    That was very helpful!


  5. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Hi questuk.

    I've had some success dealing with cracks by opening them up slightly with the sharp edge of a scraper, as mentioned above, but then forcing in as much slightly diluted PVA as you can into the crack (I use a filler blade to squish the PVA in). Wipe over the surrounding area with a damp cloth to remove any PVA from the wall surface.

    Then use filler as usual.

    (The pva bonds the two edges together and reduces movement)
  6. questuk

    questuk Member

    Thanks devils advocate, thats another handy tip, i will try as have few to do.


  7. mayrichie

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