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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by dual193, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. dual193

    dual193 New Member

    I have a Delta tp400ls 320mm portable thicknesser, its been fantastic over two years faultless work, My problem is I have a few chips in the blades and they are now very dull and I can't seem to find any replacment blades for this model. Can any one help.. I have taken them out and they have positioning holes no compatable with more popular models.
  2. Doink

    Doink New Member

    I have a delta too,not sure if its the same model,googled your model and mine looks the same,had it years and it served me well,shame its 240v but i got it before i worked on site,anyway,i bought some blades for mine a while back,just been in the garage and found the old packet......Cat No 22-562,12 1/2" portable planer blades

    googled that part number and it came back with this....

    I bought mine from a local toolshop in derby.....

    Wont have a bad word spoken about dewalt,big dewalt main dealer but got me my blades next day no fuss for £33
  3. dual193

    dual193 New Member

    Cheers for that Doink I live in Ripley so I will give them a call to see if they have any in stock.. Its a small world
  4. Doink

    Doink New Member

    Mint,pop in and he'll sort you out hopefully although it was a few years ago i got mine. Big in the USA Delta is,Norm Abrahms in the new yankee workshop had a workshop full of Delta.

    Have you thought about having them re-sharpened? Just looked at my old ones and one edge on one blade is still ok but the other 3 edges are chipped,i may get mine re-done
  5. dual193

    dual193 New Member

    All chipped too deeply to do anything many hidden nails etc. in old timbers.

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