Design for complete house rewire

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by DedicatedDIYer, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. Comlec

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    So who is paying for the time to order, collect, invoice processing etc etc.

    Good luck with your project
  2. Sparkielev

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    From what I can gather you dont think being a sparks is really a skill, especially if you think 4 weeks on a course makes you qualified, am not sure why you come on here as you seem to think it's easy, so crack on and do it yourself
  3. DedicatedDIYer

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    I never said being an electrician is skill-less, that's just stupid. The discussion has swayed far from the original question, each to their opinion. Thanks again to those that helped me better design the specs to hand over to a qualified electrician with 30+ years of experience for review.
  4. current bun

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    Its a big job to tackle by yourself, not that you couldn't do it but it will take you a lot longer than someone who does it day in and out. Id say you'll be looking at the £9-10K mark for the electrical work (you have approx 180 sockets / switches / light fittings) plus another £2-3K for the (50 odd) networking points. This price would include all standard accessories (mk sockets switches, hager CU, aurora downlights, aico smoke etc) so add more for anything "fancy".
    Good luck!
  5. SidDIYer

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    You may want to specify the brand of sockets, switches and fittings. Crabtree or Knightsbridge for example. Also, some integrated LED downlights have a switch for changing the colour temperature which might be useful.
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    Fixed it for ya.... ;)
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    One of the things I have learned over my many years, is that when using tradespeople, don't look like a smart****. It tends to make them walk away. With a technical background I probably do a little more small-scale DIY electrics than many - odd extra socket etc, but even if I thought I could, I would neither do a full rewire, or tell my sparks how to do it.

    Yes schedule requirements, but leave it there. Don't design it. Trust your sparks to do it right.
  8. The Happy Builder

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    If you put things like smoke alarms and freezers on separate circuits how will you know if they have lost their power supplies?

    If they are on general lighting and power circuits problems are far more obvious and can be resolved before there is an issue.

    I would reduce the number of circuits.
  9. The Happy Builder

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    I would have three lighting circuits, ground floor circuit, upper floors circuit and the third circuit supplying hall, stairs, landings and smoke alarms. Then if the lights go off on the stairs you can get some light by opening the bedroom and other doors, though it is highly unlikely the lights will trip off.

    Then there’s lights on two circuits on every floor level.
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