Deteriation of Plastering

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by robbobbob100, Jul 10, 2023.

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    Hi there, i live in a inner city terrace house and about 7 years ago i had an issue with dry rot due to damp problems. The mould was removed along with any infected matirial, the damp issue was dealt with, and the area in question was plastered over with damp proof plaster.
    Recently i have noticed that the plaster covering the area where the dryrot was worse has started to degrate and take on an airated appearance, and while there is no sign of damp or salts coming through the plaster area now appears to be rougher with a (see pics). Im not sure if this is the norm with issues where damp has been a problem but i am aiming to get my kitchen fitted within the next year and want to be sure that this isnt the start of the issues i previously had before i cover the area up.

    Any help is appriciated. :)



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