DeWalt - don't touch the stuff!

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by rossco_99, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. TimberTech

    TimberTech Member

    We use the big makita circular saws at work cant remember whether its 14 or 16" but it is a great bit of kit slow revolutions but cuts through the green oak we use with no effort,really effortless to use

  2. Ryluer

    Ryluer Well-Known Member

    Metabo have always been better than Dewalt.
    Dewalt have the 625 router and that's about it. And mine failed recently when I inverted it in a router table.
  3. Ryluer

    Ryluer Well-Known Member

    Dewalt miter saws are good also.
  4. mr moose

    mr moose Screwfix Select

    I bought a Chinese import DeWalt impact driver seven years ago, used and abused every day and still going strong.
  5. jeznotts

    jeznotts Member

    hi its taken you how long to realise this? ps makita are not that much better.
  6. mr moose

    mr moose Screwfix Select

    Well the DeWalt XR Multi tool is an excellent bit of kit ,likewise the XR jigsaw, and the batteries.
    OK may not be quite as refined as Festool but worth it for half the price. Also Dewalt stuff is easy to pick up cheaply on Ebay.

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