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  1. KIAB

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    Never trust templates always undercut, can always remove, but not add.:oops::rolleyes:

    I use to mark them out on a bit of ply first, just to make sure.:)
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  2. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Well I made a ply worktop which was in place for 3 months! Had noticed on that that there was a gap at the back of the sink but thought it was due to the template sliding as I marked it out. I was so so careful with all the measurements but you know what they say about making an assumption... Its actually stronger now with the twin ply reinforcements. A right Bodge job!!
  3. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Like the tiles with the strips, it adds contrast.

    What size is the tile, is it 300x200mm?

    The only thing i can see is that there is going to be a slight sliver of a row of tiles below the windows, if these are the actual sized tiles.

    May be able to put in a bull nose PVC window cill, and the lip may just cover the gap?.. unless you will tile it.
  4. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    That sliver of a row of tiles below the windows would niggle me, prehaps a narrow decorative border.
  5. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    May be able to get some mosaic type tiles. Found my local independent one had a good selection, plus mapei do loads of colors for grouts in 2.5kg bags, best to take a tile sample.

    Could possible fit a metal trim, since he has gone with polished chrome finish on other fittings.

    Something like this may look of run along the whole wall with window?

  6. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Tiler is coming tomorrow to check things out, the plain tiles will go down to floor level in one place so will probably have a grout line half a tile above the worktop.
  7. furious_customer

    furious_customer Screwfix Select

    Out of curiosity, why is there another small sheet of ply under the loo?
  8. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Its 6mm ply, vinyl type floor will be 4-6mm and go underneath the loo so its acting as a spacer.
  9. furious_customer

    furious_customer Screwfix Select

    Aah - so will you be removing the loo when the vinly is being fitted, or will it just be pushed under as you remove the ply?
  10. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    I'll remove the loo, have the vinyl laid then reinstate loo and affix down to the floor using the supplied brackets. Currently its just resting there, but doesn't move. I'm not going to seal between loo and rear panel so I can remove the loo in future if/as needed. I'm a bit anal like that.
  11. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    I was going to ask about the ply as well..

    Trying to remember when I did my bathroom a few years ago. I cant see and fixings for the pan. My ones had holes on either side, and a plastic bracket had to be fitted underneath it. A screw with caps on each side fixed it to the L bracket.

    All I remember is that is was a real pain :( to get everything aligned.

    I had a similar setup but the vinyl flooring was just cut around the pan then siliconed around it.

    Do like the concealed design but was a nightmare to get all the pipe work fitted and cistern waste.

    I you can I think I would lift the pan and get the fitter to slide the vinyl underneath, just buy a bit extra for wastage.
  12. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Jitender - may pan fixes the same way is yours I think, two screws with caps in the side/bottom, they screw into plastic blocks on each side that has multiple holes drilled so hopefully the screws line up with one of the holes. Its a timber floor so shouldn't be too difficult to fix that (I hope). Will be difficult to slide the vinyl underneath as the plastics blocks will be in the way. I'll lift the pan for the floor to be laid and then have the pan siliconed to the rear panel.

    Of course I could fit the pan first and have the floor cut around the pan but I prefer the neater finish with the vinyl underneath.
  13. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Yep those brackets with the multi pre-drilled holes were the same that came with mine.

    When one of the screws were driven in, one of the brackets cracked :( the pan then had to be lifted again :mad:. Made up some wooden blocks instead.
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  14. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Wooden blocks...such a simple idea! Might end up doing the same.
  15. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Bath panel is on...


    Not so straight forward. Left hand side is boxed in, timber support with 18mm ply, sunk 6mm down so can put hardiebacker on top for the shelf (also on right hand shower wall).

    18mm gap on right side of panel to take 8mm tiles + 6mm hardiebacker + (4mm?) adhesive + (2mm?) wee gap. Had to move bath about 14mm to make the gap.

    Ended up fixing the plinth in place, then panel has internal timbers that rest on plinth with a 1mm lip to secure it. Inside middle top of panel has depth of timber to locate against the bath to stop the panel from moving inwards. Hence panel is both secure and removable.

    To finish, need to:
    - Emulsion walls and ceiling
    - Have Mr tiler do his thing, with his help add shower head and screen at the end.
    - make skirting/architrave and put on.
    - Sand/fill/paint door surround.
    - Choose floor and lay it (4mm padded lino type thing)
  16. I would have had the shelf to the left higher as you are creating a water trap,unless you have something else planned.
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  17. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Shower is other end so water unlikely to go on this part. The shelf tiles will any how be "level" with the top of the bath and the tiler will incline them with adhesive so any water will drain into the bath.

    6mm hardiebacker will bring the ply flush with the top of the bath.
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  18. Just looked a lot deeper when looking at the photo.
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  19. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Its deceptive. On the photo it looks deep. In real life it looks a bit shallow, but I can see the pencil line about 6mm above it :)
  20. Looking more closely I can see the pencil line.

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