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  1. My Home Farm

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    The most convenient place for us to fill up our car is at Tesco, and we've been doing this for quite some time now. We were recently speaking to a friend who said that their mechanic advised them against using filling up their car with Tesco diesel because it's "dirty" and damages your engine in the long run.

    Is there any truth to this?
  2. CraigMcK

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    Based on the amount of cars that use supermarket fuel, I doubt it makes much difference. I do understand there is a little less in the way of cleaners in the fuel, but it will all have to meet a specific grade. Anyway when was the last time your fuel filter was blocked with all the dirt and had to be replaced before its time?
    Over the last few years I've done probably 100k miles almost completely using Tesco diesel and I've not had any failures
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  3. My Home Farm

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    Good point - nothing's been flagged at our services and I've been filling up with Tesco for a year now. Thanks for that.
  4. Joe the Plumber

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    I stick some Millers 'Ecomax' diesel additive in at every fill up (cheapest in bulk from Opie Oils incidentally). That keeps my mind at rest and I buy diesel from anywhere I'm near, including all the supermarkets.
  5. ajohn

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    Sounds like a load of **** to me but aren't there 2 grades of diesel available. :) Not sure, I go for the cheapest so my eyes are shut to versions that are dearer. I also recollect some form of super petrol wrecking engines.

    I was advised to stop buying diesel from one garage following a service - reason sludge in the filter when it had previously always been clean. On the other hand they may have wanted me to buy from them. Main agent with pumps.

  6. Heat

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    There is definitely a difference between ordinary diesel and BP Ultima fuel. Vehicle has slightly better performance and economy and it is supposed to have properties to make it better on fuel pump.
    A lot more expensive though at sometimes close to 10 pence per litre compared with cheapest source.
    I now use Millers diesel additive and only buy from any of the well known garages - Texaco, Maxol, BP, etc.
  7. Wayners

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    They tested the premium fuels vs standard on tv consumer program a few weeks ago. Car with the good stuff traveled another 3m on test track. Unless you have performance car it's a waste of money spending 10p per lt more. Bang in the cheap stuff from wherever you can get it. Loads of high mileage cars about running on fuels bought all over the place
  8. Bogle Crag

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    I remember when Asda started selling petrol, there were rumours that it caused pinking
  9. sospan

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    Having filled up some of the top performing road vehicles in the UK, All fuel stations sell petrol and diesel which is suitable for every standard road vehicle in the UK.

    All the stories are just scaremongers or excuses by car mechanics to justify repairs. Even a friend was told by a Husqvarna service agent that his chainsaw problems were down to supermarket fuel - even though his BMW, Honda M/c and wifes Merc all ran quite happily on it.
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  10. My Home Farm

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    That’s heartening to know. Thanks for sharing.
  11. timotay

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    That's what fuel filters are for.
    Changed and inspected will indicate what's going on.
  12. Mike58

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    And NEVER risk using red diesel in normal road cars.

    My brother-in-law was working in Norway and at times, it seesms, the only diesel in some filling stations was "red" and he was unaware. On a trip back to te UK his Land Rover went in for a major service and when we went to collect it, the manager asked him "for a private word". They had found tell-tale signs of red diesel usage including staining of the engine - they left it at that but could have easily reported him.
  13. Bob Rathbone

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    The revenue will seize the vehicle and assume that you have used untaxed fuel since you brought it, on that basis they will calculate the fine. Red diesel is not just red, it also has an ultra violet fluorescent dye that glows under UV light.
    If you keep red diesel for your digger or generator, mark the containers well, and your DERV containers, keep them separate.
  14. rogerk101

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    I've been driving diesel cars and vans for decades and have only ever filled up at supermarkets. Never had a problem yet, and when I compare my fuel consumption with others on the various car forums, I usually do better than most ... probably because I drive like a boring old fart, but there it is.
    Don't for a minute think that the supermarkets buy their diesel from one refinery and the branded stations buy theirs from different refineries! In other words, it boils down to whether you like branded products or are happy with run-of-the-mill stuff.
  15. peter palmer

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    Used to be a £500 fine for a first red diesel offence.
  16. quasar9

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    It all depends on the car or van. I had a Toyota diesel , which was run mostly on supermarket diesel and was generally noisy although very reliable. I just put this to the engine characteristic as it had been to several service with a main dealer who reported nothing amiss. One day I had forgotten to fuel up the night before a 250 mile run and back . At six in the morning, the first fuel station on my route was a Shell. I got a full tank and set out. Around 50 miles out the engine was decidedly less noisy and by 100 miles pulling better too. On the way back it was smother than ever although I had topped up the with Texaco. Over the next month the noise increased and smoothness deteriorated as I went back to supermarket fuels. I repeated the experiment on the next long run with same results. Other vehicles I have used are not sensitive at all although now I stick to Shell (only cos they are cheaper than BP or Esso in my area)
  17. longboat

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    I wonder if you'd have had the same experience if someone filled the tank on your behalf, but didn't tell you which brand of fuel they'd used?

    Special K.
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  18. quasar9

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    You are right; that’s why in medical science we have double blind tests for medication where neither the physician nor the patient knows if what’s being administered in an active drug or a placebo.

    my take on this is that major brands of fuel add extra detergent and additives which are missing in the supermarket fuels, the base refined product being exactly the same. Some engines may benefit but not all. Rather like your pet and it’s fav brand you just have to experiment. No point paying top dollar if you can’t get any benefits
  19. kitfit1

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    Like most people, in the past i have always just put the cheapest Diesel and never had a problem with it.
    I run 3 vehicles :Vauxhaul Vivaro Bi-Turbo
    Bmw 635 Diesel Sport
    Ducati 1098s motorbike

    I have owned the 1098s for the longest and have always run it with Premium unleaded, unless out on a ride and can't get hold of Premium. Because the tank is so small, the difference when re-filled with standard unleaded is immediate and obvious. Acceleration is not as good, the engine response is nowhere near as smooth and overrun when backing off on the throttle is very evident. Add to which, i get about 20 more miles out of a tankful of Premium unleaded.
    Up until a few weeks ago the Vivaro had only ever had standard diesel from Sainsburys. After a conversation with a sparks we use i filled it up with Premium diesel from a Shell garage as a test. Just as he said, acceleration was better and smoother than standard diesel. The engine also heats up much faster, which is a brucie bonus on very cold mornings. It's also obvious MPG has improved as well. How much improved is hard to tell yet because i only do about 10 miles a day in it, so still got over half a tank full left after 2 weeks lol.
    The BMW filled with Premium diesel is a bit more difficult to come to any conclusion about yet. Because the engine is so smooth and fast to start with i can't honestly say i have noticed any difference performance wise. Consumption wise though, there is a difference. I did a 60 mile round trip yesterday and the range jumped from 362 when i left home miles to 460 miles when i got back home. Only time will give a better picture though.
  20. CraigMcK

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    ‘Premium’ fuels have a higher octane value than ‘standard’ so I would expect there to be benefits in using it. The question would be is Tesco’s premium any different than Shells etc.

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