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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by amarok88, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. amarok88

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    I want to dig out part of my garden to move my garage backwards.
    Its a large oak tree but after contacting local planning there is no TPO on it.

    I want to make the best possible use of my space, but at the same time i like the tree so dont want to damage it.

    The 12 metres from the breast thing for digging out is quite a lot. Is there any other info that could assist me with this?

    Am i right in saying roots under the canopy are critical and i shouldnt dig at all under the canopy or would i be ok encroaching under the canaopy by 5-6 foot in an area of around 10%?

    Any tips would be appreciated as like i said, i enjoy the tree
  2. ramseyman

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    If you're digging about 6 foot under the canopy which only equates to disturbing 10% of it there should be problem. Make sure you insert a root barrier (essentially a length of rigid plastic type material sold for that purpose, about two feet wide) vertically at the edge of your excavation to prevent further future root growth out from that area.
  3. wiggy

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    A firm I used to sub too always claimed to the customer that we never cut through a root bigger than a thumb. Which of course is a load of tosh, if there was a root the size of a arm in the way it would be gone. You have to go some to damage an established tree, dont forget people drive 2ton cars in to them at speed and they survive.
    If I was you I would do what needed to be done regardless of the tree. If the council want to get busy with it tell them you are using an air spade and will have an arborist on site during the digging out.
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  4. KIAB

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    Compared to some trees,Oaks are shallow rooted,about 500mm depth,but spread out a considerable distance.

  5. amarok88

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    Thanks all.
    No tpo and im digging on my freehold land so i dont think the council can do much.
    The tree land is 5 foot higher than the base level of my dig. I have no doubt there will be roots spread there but i will be careful with them and even try to re route them if poss
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